To adopt and integrate cloud-based computing resources into your environment, you must be able to manage them at least as well as you do your on-premise resources. Fortunately, what you’ve learned on your premises can serve your cloud adoption efforts well.

Software as a Service (SaaS): The “SAMe,” but Different

Software asset management (SAM) is largely about managing software licenses and contracts effectively, and avoiding the failure of software vendor audits and expensive contract “true-ups.” These principles apply equally to on-premise software and SaaS. In fact, several of the core issues that affect and drive traditional SAM efforts apply with equal force when dealing with SaaS alternatives.

  • Unauthorized users—are any of your SaaS users sharing authorized logins?
  • Client-side software licenses—if your SaaS users need access to on-premise software components, are those components free to deploy across your entire environment?
  • Indirect access—what other systems are connected to your SaaS resources, and how do those indirect connections affect your use rights?

How to Succeed: Tools Plus Expertise

Just as many core SAM issues apply to both cloud-based and on-premise software assets, a common foundation can enable your success in managing both types of resources. That foundation must combine support for metrics that tell you what you need to know about software asset use and performance with deep contract knowledge and experience.

Metrics such as authorized user subscriptions, usage levels, and transaction processing rates deliver the data you need to build accurate models and make more reliable predictions. Accurate, comprehensive data about your software assets better informs your software license negotiations and management. So, the better your SAM tools are at gathering, consolidating, and presenting data about both cloud-based and on-premise resources, the higher the effectiveness and business value of your SAM and ITAM efforts.

Ivanti: Your SAM Partner, In the Cloud and On the Ground

Ivanti IT asset management solutions enable the successful SAM deployments your enterprise needs to pass software audits, reduce costs, and maximize the business value of your software investments. From your client systems to your data center servers and beyond, Ivanti can help you to implement and enforce the processes and policies that optimize your software assets. And Ivanti combines powerful, effective solutions with experienced internal experts and partners around the world.

Read the data sheet. Then, get a free demo, or request a quote, and see how Ivanti can help you master all of your software asset management challenges, wherever that software may run.