Feel like you’re going overboard on license agreements? Well you’re not alone—most businesses only utilize 36 percent of the software they pay for. You read that right. 36!

If I’m doing my math correctly, businesses are paying for—but not utilizing—64 percent of their software. That’s a lot of money down the drain due to mismanaged software. Money that could ultimately be used to maximize the performance and value of your hardware and software with the proper tips and the necessary tool.

Ivanti has some quick tips to get your software asset management shipshape:

1. Get visibility

2. Detect surplus

3. Rescue unused software

4. Prepare for next renewal

5. Be efficient

Rise above rough seas with Ivanti. You can be rescued from the financial risk of mismanaged software. Though no solution is perfect for every organization, Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite is worth closer inspection.

The suite includes Asset Central, an on premise or cloud-based solution designed to help you manage your asset lifecycle. You can track an asset’s status from hire to retire to ensure optimization. The suite also includes Asset Intelligence, which is built for further asset visibility. With enough sight, you can discover and inventory assets, aggregate purchase information from vendors, and normalize software titles—all while also reclaiming unused licenses and confirming compliance.

Ivanti’s solution is a step in the right direction to properly managed software assets. Follow the steps above, alongside of the IT Asset Management Suite, and you’ll be sailing on smooth seas!

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