Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter:

Service Management

  • Ivanti Service Manager

Unified Endpoint & User Workspace Management

  • Ivanti Endpoint Manager
  • Ivanti DSM

Supply Chain

  • Ivanti Avalanche
  • Ivanti Velocity

Reporting and Analytics

  • Ivanti Xtraction

Ivanti Service Manager 2017.3

Moving Into Production for the Cloud

Ivanti is releasing into production Ivanti Service Manager for the Cloud (formerly HEAT Service Management) 2017.3. This new Service Manager release expands the capabilities ITSM teams, along with the rest of the enterprise, need to maintain timely delivery of high quality services.

Have your users asked for more engaging experiences when looking for help? Service Manager 2017.3 introduces more UI enhancements to improve your users’ experience. This release provides more flexibility to customize and modify the background images of Service Manager. Also, the Home Page now has more available design options, letting you offer a more responsive UI that takes into account users’ device and environment. Your users will enjoy a more consistent and satisfying experience no matter what device they use.

Been looking for easier ad hoc reporting within Service Manager? Then check out RapidReports for a self-service approach to easily create and share your reports. Using a visual designer and data from Saved Searches, you can now easily create your own reports, choose desired outputs and share in a variety of formats, like PDF or HTML. Generate your reports when you want without needing to understand the underlying data scheme or asking for additional data sets.

Automation is still key to reducing your workload from repetitive tasks. 2017.3 delivers more integration and automation with Ivanti Endpoint Manager to provide a ‘no touch’ approach when users ask for new software, such as Service Catalog self-service requests with required approvals. Leverage automation to remove any manual steps still left, freeing up more of your time while making it easier for your users to get what they need to stay productive.

Additional highlights of Service Manager 2017.3 include:

  • Better visibility of staff availability to work on key tasks with a clear calendar view of their schedule.
  • Improved performance for default searches when creating a Role or Workspace, by defining other searches beside “All Records” as the default.
  • Higher uptime during release updates in the cloud by separating the application update from the clients’ database updates to reduce risks during the overall update process.

These are some of the exciting new capabilities coming with Service Manager 2017.3.

Learn more about the release by viewing the “What’s New” webinar here. Stay on top of news and timing for the release by checking for updates in the Ivanti Community and also the Change Calendar in the Support Portal.

Windows 10 Migration with Endpoint Manager is a breeze, now user profile and data migrations are even easier

Migration Manager add-on facilitates fast and simple Windows User Profile Migration

Ivanti Migration Manager is an easy to use, scalable solution that integrates with Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management solutions to move user profile data to Windows 10. Ivanti Migration Manager transfers the user profile data during OS migration, so users always have a system that is ready and working.

The solution automatically backs up and restores user profiles during OS migrations including desktop layout, personalized adjustments, document templates, network connections, and file and folder structures to be up and running with Windows 10 in no time, with the settings users are used to.

Ivanti Migration Manager captures all relevant Microsoft Office application settings, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project and more. It migrates user settings across Office and OS versions simultaneously, directly from Windows XP and Windows7 to Windows 7 or Windows 10, and Microsoft Office to Office 2016, 2013, and 2010.  One process gets it done for all different applications. Up to approximately 10,000 settings can be migrated and an unlimited number of files.  And you can move between different browsers and Adobe versions during the process.

Ivanti Migration Manager is available as an add-on to Ivanti Endpoint Manager and Ivanti DSM solutions. As of the 2017.3 release, a 45-day trial version is included with Ivanti Endpoint Manager.

Download the Ivanti Migration Manager datasheet for more information.

Get ready for DSM 2017

What’s New On Demand Webinar available

The new DSM 2017 version is currently in Beta. In the October blog, we covered some of the highlights coming with the new release such as Web UI for improved visibility and faster remediation, Linux support, and enhanced Windows 10 capabilities.

Ivanti DSM helps IT organizations manage and secure endpoints across their lifecycle to empower user productivity and enable improved business performance at reduced cost. DSM automatically packages and deploys software and operating systems, patches vulnerabilities, and efficiently manages Windows OS migrations, virtual environments, Citrix server farms, and more.

Check out the on-demand What’s new webinar on the Ivanti Community for more information on what’s coming with this new version.

User Voice:  please note that the idea portal User Voice is now available for DSM. If you have ideas for new features and capabilities, please submit these here. Learn more.

Tooling up for the Android-Powered Supply Chain

Velocity, Avalanche ease the move, keep workers at peak productivity

We’ve introduced new versions of two supply chain mobility products in recent weeks, with a common theme: global readiness for your Android mobile deployments.

Velocity (version 1.2.111)

  • Thailand is a key shipping hub in the global supply chain, so we’re excited to add Thai language support in our latest release.
  • The Migration step in our 4-steps to Android framework gets some love. You can configure foreground and background colors to your”native mode” apps. Colors can help new workers learn workflows easily by simply guiding them from step to step using a common foreground color (think: green for a Picking workflow, blue for steps in a Receiveing task, etc.)
  • For Zebra Android device deployments, we’ve untethered Velocity from Datawedge, simplifying barcode scanner control.

Avalanche 6.2

  • For manufacturers including Datalogic, Honeywell, Panasonic and Zebra Technologies, we’ve put more granular control of mobile devices in the hands of the administrator, resulting in a deeper level of device management and control. Unlike other MDM products, Avalanche also allows administrators to update barcode scanner firmware and other device-specific functions.
  • As devices across facilities and regions are synched with Avalanche, administrators can set global enrollment rules and broadcast enrollment through a devices poll that identifies availability. Once discovered, the Avalanche-connected device is automatically provisioned with enrollment settings and applications. Enhanced reporting gives administrators improved insight into the state of the individual devices under management so they can take action, ensuring compliance and peak performance.
  • Several major enhancements for Android scalability, including support for multiple Smart Device Servers (SDSs) that enable localized services to be employed while reducing strain on network bandwidth. For greater control and security, the new solution offers enhanced device restrictions on the latest versions of Android, including the ability to disable camera use, and blacklist/whitelist applications on KitKat forward versions of Android, as well as support for Zebra Mobility Extensions (Mx), and integration with Ivanti’s Smart Device Remote Control.

[For Release Notes, Documentation and more, check out our Community]

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Amplify Your Reporting Visibility With Ivanti Xtraction

Get analytics without boundaries

November heralds the introduction of new Xtraction connectors for the Ivanti product portfolio. Now, you can connect in minutes, to data from your Ivanti DSM, Ivanti Identity Director or Ivanti Automation. We’ve also introduced a new third party connector for customers of Jamf.

Is GDPR or other governance requirements featuring in your nightmares?

Strengthen your organization’s identity management visibility, and compliance with the latest connectors for Ivanti Automation and Identity Director. Quickly view who should have access rights to your pool of applications. Identify who currently has access to the apps and services containing your most valuable data. View dashboards that show how effective your onboarding and offboarding processes are. See instantly whether access to systems was removed for staff that have long since departed your organization. Get the Ivanti connectors now to support your GDPR and governance initiatives and sleep soundly. Check out the press release

Do you want to overlay DSM data with other data sources?

Then why not take advantage of the new connector for Ivanti DSM? Report on critical information about the lifecycle management of your endpoints. Quickly spot operational issues that could be a threat to your IT infrastructure. Share those insights with colleagues without the need for direct access to DSM. And, why not overlay your DSM dashboard with data pulled from Ivanti Service Manager. Knit together fragmented IT data to get the bigger picture about your services. Although it makes us sad, even if you aren’t using Service Manager with DSM, we have connectors for other well-known ITSM tools like BMC and ServiceNow.

Are you tearing your hair out trying to report from your Jamf system?

With the new connector for Jamf you can pull data into Xtraction about your Mac estate without the need of a reporting guru. In Xtraction you’ll enjoy immediate visibility into your Jamf data; the device models that you own, the software and operating systems installed in a simple and easy to interpret dashboard. But why stop there when you have the flexibility to take that dashboard and filter or drill down to the detail as much as you need to. What about the long nights you spend at the office toiling over your Adobe audit data? Now you can track application usage and length of time the app was used. Get an up-to-the-minute view of your license requirements. Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to headaches caused by sprawling university campuses or multiple office sites, using your Jamf data in Xtraction, you can pinpoint the physical location of devices without moving a hair out of place.

Xtraction - See it to believe it

If you haven’t seen Xtraction - it’s safe to say that you’re missing out! Check out this short video and you’ll see what we mean.