Products covered in this post include:

  • Ivanti IT Asset Management
  • Ivanti Service Manager
  • Ivanti Device Control (formerly HEAT Endpoint Security)
  • Ivanti Application Control
  • Ivanti User Workspace Manager
  • Ivanti Session Persistence Server (formerly ConnectPro)
  • Ivanti LANrev

Ivanti IT Asset Management

Changes are coming to the Ivanti IT asset management portfolio. Check out what the new Ivanti IT Asset Management offering looks like:

License Optimizer for Clients - Maximize your software licenses and stop over-spending.

License Optimizer for Servers - Taking software license optimization into the data center.

Asset Manager for Endpoints - Managing hardware asset lifecycles from purchase to disposal.

IT Asset Management Suite - Total hardware and software optimization. In the coming month we will provide details around these new products, entitlements, and everything you'll want and need to know. Trust us, we'll take care of you.

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Ivanti Service Manager 2017.2

A new version of Ivanti Service Manager is scheduled to start rolling out to Cloud Data Centers on August 4th. A number of bug fixes and enhancement requests will be delivered, as well as new integrated features and workflows with Ivanti Endpoint Manager. Key Endpoint Manager integration features include:

  • Endpoint Manager import into Service Manager CMDB
  • Endpoint Manager Remote Control design advice in standard documentation

Additional content will be available after the release in the AppStore, such as:

  • Enhanced Catalog Request workflows and integration for automated software deployment through Endpoint Manager

These new integrated capabilities will streamline the management and delivery of endpoint management services from the service desk. The release notes for Service Manager 2017.2 are available for download from the Customer Self Service Portal. Please log into the Portal & Knowledge Base and search for KB article # 28110.

Ivanti Device Control (formerly HEAT Endpoint Security) v5.1

HEAT Endpoint Security gets its official rebranding as an Ivanti solution with this release. But it wouldn’t be much of an announcement without a host of updates too. So, here’s what’s new in Ivanti Device Control v5.1:

  • Expanded data loss prevention
    You can now block file transfers to external devices like thumb drives, based on keyword matches within MS Office and PDF files.
  • Expanded file type filtering
    This release adds MP4s to the list of file types you can prevent from being, or allow to be, copied to external devices. 
  • Expanded virtualization support
    We’ve added support for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14.1 and 7.12 as well as Microsoft VDI support.
  • Max file size for file shadowing
    You can now set a max file size for shadowed files. If files exceed this threshold, only the filename will be shadowed. (The file shadowing feature lets you keep a copy of the actual file—or obviously just the filename—for files being copied to external devices.)
  • Thunderbolt 3 support
    Thunderbolt 3 is a newer, high-speed interface that devices are starting to use. This release lets you identify them correctly as USB devices and manage them accordingly. 

Learn more here.

User Workspace Manager 10.1 Feature Release 2

Customers will get more than just a name change in the 10.1 FR2 release. Here’s what’s new:

  • Environment Manager 10.1 FR2 Geo Sync – database replication across sites without SQL Merge.

With the release of Environment Manager (EM) 10.1 FR2, our new Geo Sync feature provides users with their personalized desktop experience regardless of their corporate location. Users may roam from city to city, or from physical to virtual desktop, but they expect the same personalized experience to follow them.

Administrators simply configure which users require their settings to be synchronized to which sites (e.g. branch offices or regional datacenters) and configure a scheduled time for synchronization to occur. For customers who only want to centrally manage EM Personalization configurations (and not user data), this can also be easily configured. Supported by accompanying PowerShell cmdlets and APIs, the setup, configuration and monitoring of the Geo Sync feature can be fully automated to comply with enterprise deployment models.

Until now customers with multiple, geographically-distributed sites have relied on SQL Server Merge Replication for synchronization of Personalization data and configurations, which comes with a range of limitations and complexities. With the Geo Sync feature this functionality is built-in, and only requires SQL Standard Edition.

  • Management Center 10.1 FR2 – Reconciled Discovered Machines

As the number of managed end-points within an organization continues to grow, it is vital that tools such as the Management Center are performant and responsive. By re-engineering the mechanisms that are used when reconciling discovered machines, we have made substantial improvements to the performance of the Management Server. This in turn ensures that the Management Center console makes the system administrator efficient and productive.

  • Management Center 10.1 FR2 – Event Maintenance through PowerShell

The Management Center database is at the very core of not only agent deployment but the gathering and reporting of events and alerts from the endpoint. As the potential to gather more and more events from the endpoint grows so too does the database, which in turn can introduce performance issues. The introduction of PowerShell-driven Event Maintenance allows the system administrator to keep control over the number of events that are stored within the database to ensure its performance and keep costs low, while making it the ideal repository for reporting using Xtraction.

Note that Event Maintenance will be possible from the Management Center console interface in a future Feature Release.

Ivanti Application Control 10.1 FR2

User Workspace Manager (UWM) 10.1 FR2 is scheduled for release on Aug 1st, and of course as part of the overall UWM suite, Ivanti Application Control is receiving an update as well. The big focus in this release is on bug fixes. When 10.1 is available, the release notes will provide details on each of these. 

Learn more here.

Ivanti Session Persistence Server (formerly ConnectPro)

Sub-par network performance is a surefire way to compromise productivity. The last thing you need is for workers to repeat tasks because of data lost due to network disconnects. As business are making the move to Android, the same session persistence used with Terminal Emulation is available for Velocity.

Apps will automatically reconnect to enterprise systems and workers can pick up right where they left off – even after device reboots or battery swaps. Best of all, it’s FREE! Here are a few more things Session Persistence Server can do:

Failover protection: Eliminate single-point-of-failure risk. You can set up multiple connections for enterprise app redundancy and keep task data flowing.

Encryption: Never discount the importance of security. Secure connections with SSL/TLS encryption from the client, and SSH to the host.

Customizable parameters: Security admins can tailor security parameters to the business: everything from logging telnet traffic to connection attempts/retries/timeouts, and the size of data transfers from specific sources.

Ivanti LANrev

Here’s what’s new in Ivanti LANrev 7.4:

  • LANrev detects when iOS devices are connected to a computer via USB. As with a computer using the mobile connection of an iOS device, this is called a “tethered” connection, but despite having the same name is a different setup.
  • Apple’s tvOS is supported as a separate client platform. tvOS devices can be managed as mobile devices; available options include managing enrollment, configuration, and provisioning profiles, managing enterprise applications, erasing and rebooting the device, setting the device name, messaging the device, and managing custom field data. The Mobile Device OS Platform information item now lists “tvOS” for these devices instead of “iOS”, as before. You may need to adapt any smart groups and policies accordingly. Also, configuration profiles now need to have tvOS as the target platform.
  • On supervised iOS (10.3 and up) devices in Lost mode, the Lost mode sound can be played.
  • Managed devices running iOS 10.3 and up can be remotely restarted and shut down.
  • LANrev Admin and LANrev Server for macOS are now 64-bit applications. LANrev Agent is automatically running as a 64-bit application on 64-bit systems.
  • LANrev correctly detects hyper threading and the number of cores for AMD Ryzen processors.
  • New options are available in configuration profiles for devices running iOS 10.3 and up:
      • WiFi whitelisting
      • Allow dictation input
      • Suppress confirmation prompts for classroom observation
  • New options are available in configuration profiles for devices running macOS 10.12.4 and up:
      • Configure smart card pairing options
      • Allow Desktop and Documents folders in iCloud
      • Allow Touch ID to unlock
  • New options are available in enrollment profiles for devices running macOS 10.12 and up:
      • Skip Apple Pay setup
      • Skip Touch ID setup
      • Skip iCloud setup
      • Skip Siri setup
  • Data from Apple School Manager can be automatically synchronized (in addition to the manual synchronization that was available before).
  • Classroom records for persons can include status (active or inactive) data.
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes

You can read more details in the release notes, and download LANrev 7.4 and documentation from the Customer Self-Service Portal.