Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter: 

Endpoint Security 

  • Security Controls 2019.1 

IT Asset Management 

  • Asset Manager On-Premises 
  • Optimizer for SAP 

IT Service Management 

  • Skype for Business Adapter 

Unified Endpoint Management 

  • User Workspace Manager 2018.3 Service Pack 1 
  • UWM Customer and Community Feedback 


Ivanti Security Controls 2019.1 debuts in early March

Available soon for general access​, it brings together best-in-breed security features from across our portfolio! 

Ivanti Security Controls 2019.1 combines the full Ivanti Patch for Windows feature set with the privilege management, application control, and browser control features of Ivanti Application Control and some great new patch management features: 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux patch support, the first in a series of non-Windows operating systems we’ll be adding over the next year 
  • CVE to patch list creation, which lets you easily convert a list of CVEs to a list of patches to deploy, a huge time-saver replacing today’s manual process 
  • Patch REST APIs to integrate with other products, automate shared processes, and provide remote access and control of the console 

Let’s take a quick look under the hood at that CVE-to-patch feature. We can take a vulnerability assessment from whatever vendor you’re using—Rapid 7, Tenable, Qualys, BeyondTrust, and so on—find all of the patches that relate to those CVEs, and build a patch group of updates that you can quickly approve for remediation in your environment. 

For more information, once Ivanti Security Controls 2019.1 is launched you’ll find the release notes here.  

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Asset Manager optimizes use and performance of IT assets 

Now available on-premises 

Keeping tabs on hardware is challenging for asset managers: IT assets are assigned, reassigned, and moved from one location to another depending on business dynamics. Knowing what assets you have and where they reside, tracking contracts and regulatory compliance, and gaining visibility into cost of ownership are just the tip of your management iceberg. With Ivanti Asset Manager, you gain all the management support you need. Get a comprehensive view of your managed assets across your entire environment at any lifecycle status. This enterprise-grade hardware asset management solution keeps tabs on your contracts while tracking lease, warranty, and financial information to ensure your IT assets are optimized and secured. Asset Manager is available in a turnkey Essentials version, prebuilt for fast time to value, or as an Enterprise-grade fully configurable solution both in the cloud and on-premises.                                                                                       

Take Control of SAP Licensing with Ivanti Optimizer for SAP 

Reduce your SAP licensing and maintenance costs and defend audits at any time 

Complex SAP licensing necessitates organizations to find a better way to optimize their SAP investments and manage their SAP licenses effectively. Ivanti Optimizer for SAP provides efficient control over SAP license management by combining user inspection, user behavior-analysis methods and best practices. Ivanti Optimizer for SAP provides full visibility to optimize and manage your entire SAP license environment which can lead to significant financial savings and reduce liabilities from indirect access or misclassified users. The solution provides organizations with the insight and intelligence needed to ensure they are correctly licensed based on actual usage and arm them with the proper analysis during contract negotiations. 


Now Available: Skype for Businesses Adapter for Ivanti Service Manager 

Reduce handling times while keeping your customers productive 

If your customers and end-users like using Skype to chat with your service desk, then you’ll love hearing about our new Skype for Business Adapter. Now Skype chats can be integrated into your Service Manager workflows and interactions so you can easily capture all information and important details without switching screens. 

With the Skype for Business Adapter, there’s no need to cut & paste between tools or screens. Make Skype chats an integral part of your normal routine with: 

  • Complete views of your customer’s profile description 
  • Pre-population of customer information and fields 
  • Incident or request creation directly from a chat 
  • Automatically save chats within associated records 
  • Group chat when you invite other team members into the conversation 

To learn more about our new Skype for Business Adapter, or to download it to get started, find it in the Ivanti Marketplace.    

Expert predictions for 2019 and beyond


User Workspace Manager 2018.3 Service Pack 1  

This might only be a service pack but it’s a hugely important release! In particular: Environment Manager (EM) gains important Cache Roaming and Windows 10 features, both EM and the UWM Management Server now support Azure SQL Services, and File Director gets key bug fixes and improved debugging. 

You can read more about all these enhancements in the Release Notes, and the Cache Roaming enhancements for Outlook and Windows Search are detailed in this excellent blog by Oli Giordimaina.

UWM Customer and Community Feedback 

Data, data, data! We are hungry for more data than ever to make informed product roadmap and design decisions. With direct interaction and feedback with you we can ensure we get features right first time and deliver the greatest value enhancements.  

Please visit the community portal, click on the “Ideas” button to submit, vote, discuss product ideas and receive proactive notifications.  

Another initiative we have is to share design mockups directly with you so we can get the UI right before we write a line of code! We have 3 online right now, and we need all the feedback we can get – you can see them here

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