Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter: 

IT Asset Management 

  • License Optimizer 2018.5 
  • Asset Manager Essentials 

User Workspace Management 

  • User Workspace Manager  
  • Ivanti Workspace Control 


Improve usability, efficiency, and accuracy with the latest License Optimizer release 

New 2018.5 version available 

The new 2018.5 version of License Optimizer is all about ease of use, efficiency, and enhanced accuracy:  

Ease of use: License Optimizer’s on-boarding process has been streamlined making it even easier to start optimizing your software estate. Benefit from enhanced user-based imports. Advanced UI import templates facilitate import and enable users to quickly map against database attributes.  

Efficiency: No more need to manually match imported users to their devices. With 2018.5, you can automatically create the mapping relationship between the user and their OSI device name. The user import functionality has also been enriched with location data incl. user’s business unit from active directory.   

Accuracy: License Optimizer 2018.5 enriches the algorithms not only for improved mapping of users but also allows imported licenses to be automatically matched to a parent contract where a matched Contract ID is found. This also benefits teaching on Files and Paths pages and improves the search rate.   

Simplify Management of IT Assets, Contracts and Compliance with Ivanti Asset Manager Essentials 

Accelerate your ITAM  Program 

Asset Manager Essentials is pre-built, cloud-based IT Asset Management. Our customer Ochsner is impressed with the foundation design of the new Asset Manager Essentials Product. Find out more, read the full press release and view a demo of Asset Manager Essentials today.  


Ivanti User Workspace Manager Release Cadence Update 

A blog describing the latest release schedule for User Workspace Manager 

Hannah Curtis, Director of Release and Program Management, discusses Ivanti’s new User Workspace Manager release cadence and how it has been designed to tie in with both Microsoft and Citrix’s release schedules so that we can respond faster to the needs of the market and deliver greater value to you, our customers and partners.

Microsoft Intune, Autopilot and Ivanti User Workspace Management 

How Ivanti User Workspace Manager can ease the burden of Windows 10 migration 

Product Manager, Andrew Swindells, discusses how Ivanti Environment Manager and File Director can be used alongside Microsoft Intune and Autopilot to ensure a zero-touch migration of Windows 10 devices.

RES ONE Workspace and Ivanti User Workspace Manager – Merger Update 

An update on what’s happening with the former RES ONE Workspace product 

VP Product Management, Jon Rolls, discusses the future of Ivanti Workspace Control (formerly RES ONE Workspace) and provides an up-to-date status on current work being undertaken behind the scenes to ensure former RES customers will continue to benefit from their existing feature set moving forward.