Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter:

IT Asset Management

  • Ivanti License Optimizer

Service Management

  • Ivanti Service Desk

Identity & Automation

  • Ivanti Identity Director
  • Ivanti Automation

Endpoint Security

  • Ivanti Patch for SCCM 
  • Ivanti Endpoint Security

Supply Chain

  • Ivanti Velocity


Ivanti License Optimizer 2018.2 allows for easy unlocking of accounts, enhanced security, and extended hardware import fields

New version available end of April

Beginning of April, we migrated the License Optimizer production environment from its legacy Concorde hosting environment to Ivanti Cloud to enable enhanced security, stability, and scalability. We are excited to announce a new release of License Optimizer available end of this month. With the new version 2018.2, you can be rest assured that we have improved License Optimizer’s overall system security in line with recent threat vulnerability testing.  With License Optimizer 2018.2, administrators can now unlock accounts for users that have been locked by incorrect password entries. Looking for new reports? The new release includes several additional reports in the report library including duplicate records and unrecognized software reports. We have also extended the fields for hardware import to include device form factor and hardware status for even more efficient hardware asset management.


Service Desk 2018.1 visibly better

See what you need to see

Another eagerly anticipated release of Service Desk delivers added improvements to keep your productivity high and roadblocks at bay.

Insight into calendar items

The introduction of a Calendar gadget in Workspaces offers a simple way to view and schedule appointments.

It's now easy to book in appointments as part of a Service Desk process ensuring planned worked is captured along with other data in Workspaces. Convenient you say–we think so.

Added to this is the ability to see agenda, day, week and month views. Users can see when activities are scheduled on various items defined in Service Desk to make the most of their time.  See when changes are taking place or when to avoid activity blackout periods and reduce any surprises that may affect work. Understand what is happening and when before it takes place.

Greater control over Audit History 

Version 2018.1 also introduces a customer requested enhancement to audit history behavior.  The audit history pane in Web Access is now collapsible by default. This allows actions to expand into the unused space which is hugely helpful for analysts to easily see actions without the need to scroll. Skip the detailed history view and get to what you need to see swiftly.

A little reminder about Marketplace 

Don't forget about Ivanti Marketplace. Here you’ll find trusted pre-built Service Desk content, integrations and connectors to accelerate your Service Desk plans alongside connectors and integrations for other solutions provided by Ivanti and our Ivanti One partners. Find what you are looking for from your one stop location. Search and select solutions that enhance your ITSM implementation from here.


Identity Director 2018.1 Chock-Full of Customer-Requested Features

Creating workflows and finding people through the management portal made easier!

The latest release of Ivanti Identity Director is loaded with new, time-saving features and enhancements for users. Many of these enhanced capabilities originated from ideas customers submitted through the Ivanti Community.

The Second “Logon Service” Option comes by customer-request and is independent from the Password Reset. It can be used to unlock an account or as a second password reset. In today’s world with multiple devices, if your password is reset, some of the devices will attempt logon using the old password causing you to hit the maximum number of attempts right away and locking you out. This new feature can be used to unlock an account when you know your password already.

Service Attribute of Type Person gives you the ability to look up information on a person using any attribute. It can also be set dynamically based on any identifier and is powerful because it can be used anywhere a placeholder is used. For example, during a workflow an IT admin may wish to perform an additional lookup to identify a manager of a person that has approved a specific service transaction, such as a request for work supplies, so that the request may be properly handled.

People Identifiers in Service Placeholders make it easier for an IT admin to locate people by reducing the number of steps from three to one simple step.

Using the new Table Attribute Filter, you can filter large tables to easily find only the relevant information you need. The filter can be used on a Global, Person, or Service Table, and multiple filters can be employed. For instance, if an employee is moved or off boarded, an IT admin can use the new filter to see which virtual machines (VMs) are assigned to that employee and then take appropriate action all at once.

Smart Rules based on People Attributes gives you a simplified way to look up information without knowing a direct link. This release expands capabilities to look up information based on an organization and now based on an attribute. For example, you could use the smart rule to look up “all of the people in a sales department who are director- or vice president-level employees” or “all of the people who are part of a certain cost center”.

To benefit customers globally, the latest release also includes support for five additional languages: Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified.

To take advantage of this new functionality (and more), download Identity Director 2018.1 from the Ivanti Community download page.

If you have your own ideas on how to make Identity Director even better, submit them to the Ideas Portal in the Ivanti Community.

RES ONE Automation Updated and Renamed as Ivanti Automation, New Standard Edition Added

Automation 2018.1 adds free version with connectors to other Ivanti products

The first thing customers will notice when they use the latest release of RES ONE Automation is that the product has been renamed and rebranded Ivanti Automation.

Along with the new name and version numbering, the look and feel of the Automation console and web portal has been fully updated to bring it in line with other products in the Ivanti portfolio. When you install or upgrade to Automation 2018.1, you will notice new icons, product logos, installer names, wizards, components (including the Management Portal), and documentation.

But even more exciting is a new licensing option, which is free to all Ivanti customers with current active maintenance. The new Automation Standard edition is a free version of Automation. It includes all of the features of the Automation Enterprise edition but supports only connectors to other Ivanti products. (Automation Enterprise is the new name for the edition that also supports third-party connectors such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and IBM in addition to the Ivanti connectors).

New and updated connectors supported in the 2018.1 version of Automation are:

  • Ivanti Service Manager connector (incident management)
  • Ivanti Patch for Windows connector (security)
  • Ivanti Endpoint Manager connector (software installation)

Additionally, the latest version of Automation adds several product enhancements:

  • Parallel Processing Support for Ivanti Identity Director: Automation now supports Identity Director setting for parallel job execution, allowing you to run multiple jobs on one agent.
  • Dispatcher Communication over HTTPs: With the move to this industry-standard communication model, security is enhanced by using Port 3165 and certificates to validate communication between dispatchers and agents.
  • PowerShell Task: The latest release now supports setting multiple module parameters and multiple return values.

The Ivanti connectors are available by download from the Ivanti Marketplace.


Ivanti Patch for SCCM v2.4 is now available

It’s official: We've brought together the best from Ivanti Patch for SCCM!

Last month we gave you a heads up that Patch for SCCM v2.4 was coming. Well, now it’s here, bringing together capabilities from the former Shavlik and Heat patch products, and features new to both as well, to further distinguish the leading solution in this space.

Here are some new feature highlights:

  • New grid control– The new system provides more flexibility in how you display, organize, and filter your data.
  • Real-time status– The new grid also displays the real-time status of tasks performed on the console, giving you insight into the progress of processes in the background.
  • Configurable settings 
  • User level– You can save your settings so they’re available regardless of the machine you use to log in to the SCCM console.
  • Shared level– You can save settings and share them so they are available to all users of the product.
  • Relaxed client/server version matching– The operating systems hosting the WSUS client/server components no longer need to match, providing more flexibility for implementation.
  • Optional timestamp server– The timestamp removes the need to re-sign update packages when the WSUS signing certificate expires.

For more details on what we rolled out, check out the release notes.

Learn more here

Ivanti announces Endpoint Security 8.5 Update 2

Learn what changes we've made so you’re always working with a product to rely on.

At Ivanti we work hard to deliver very stable, secure, and customer-focused solutions. The new version of Ivanti Endpoint Security maintains that tradition through the latest bugfixes and maintenance updates. Here’s a look at what we’re providing in this release:

  • Essential OS maintenance—To maintain security and compatibility with more recent systems, we’ve updated Ivanti Endpoint Security to use .NET framework version 4.6. We’ve also removed agent support for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, as these operating systems have reached end-of-life.
  • Updates to our AV and Device Control modules to address bugs
  • Support for Windows 10 version 1709 (OS build 15254 / “Fall Creators Update”)
  • As with each release, we’ve also addressed issues our customers have shared. Check out the release notes for more details.

We’d also like you to know that this release, like others, features a connector for our popular Xtraction product. Xtraction turns reporting into a checkbox, with data on demand and the ability to easily create new dashboards and reports to get the right data into the hands of executives, directors, and line-of-business (LOB) and application owners. Everyone can view their data enterprise-wide in context—cutting through the mass of information to the critical insights that matter—to make smarter, faster decisions with ease. The Xtraction connector is compatible with Ivanti Endpoint Security version 8.3 and later.

Read the release notes.


Fast, easy Android migration with Velocity

Expanding device, platform, and peripheral support highlight new release

New mobile device options

Last week’s MODEX show proved yet another venue where the simplicity and speed of Android migration was on display. Supply Chain organizations are looking at a growing number of mobile computing platforms as they shift to Android. With our latest release, we extend the selection to include the Cognex rugged scanning enclosures – putting Velocity access in the hands of Samsung mobile device users.  We’re really excited to expand the Android migration story to include this new platform.  Velocity is plug-and-play for a number of Samsung models. It automatically hooks into Cognex software on the device. And with the aggressive scanning Cognex offers, workers will speed through tasks!

Speak the language of mobile productivity

And speaking of expanded support, our Speakeasy voice-enablement solution is now ready for x86-based devices.  This opens up voice to use cases where the mobile device may be a vehicle computer stations on a forklift, for example. Adding voice to Velocity is easy, and set up within the Velocity console.

Admin appreciation

We have an exciting set of new features for Administrators, updates for security, app previews, scripting and more. You can even retrieve device details to track the devices out on the floor.  It’s never been easier to migrate to Android devices.

Read more about what's new in this release.

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