As more organizations continue moving to hybrid work environments, endpoint security and management has never been more critical to both IT staff and employees. IT and line of business teams have too many systems to work across, forcing IT departments to spend resources and budget on fixing assets that are out of warranty/out of support. Additionally, employees are unsatisfied with their onboarding experience. The good news is with Ivanti’s new Endpoint Manager Release SU1, you can have peace of mind knowing that Ivanti continues to help manage modern devices in the Anywhere Workplace. 

Enhanced Microsoft Autopilot Support

So, what are the key enhancements in this new release and why should you care? The first important enhancement surrounds Microsoft's Autopilot support. This support allows customers to seamlessly deploy Microsoft devices (auto enrollment) to end users, regardless of where they are located and without infrastructure changes. Improvements include supporting additional modes of Windows Autopilot (e.g., user driven mode, user driven hybrid AAD, and pre-provisioning).

Support for the Latest OS Platforms

The second key improvement focuses on support for the latest OS platforms. Customers can utilize Windows 11, macOS 12, iOS 15, and Android 12 devices without any loss of management functionality or downtime, and with Day Zero support. Additionally, with enhanced inventory data, IT admins will now be able to collect data specific to the newest ARM processors that are running most of the latest hardware in the market. 

Improved Remote Control

The third key improvement involves improving remote control. Remote Control is a feature of Endpoint Manager that allows the IT team to access devices that are outside of their physical location while enabling admins to quickly access, service, and resolve user software and hardware related issues. Specific improvements include significant reduction in time required to establish a session, optimization of code, persistent process, strengthening of security, and smart card support. The reduced connection times result in significant saved hours, improved productivity, and providing an overall better experience for users. Additional information can be found at

Smart Patching

The last key improvement area focuses on smart patching. IT admins spend a lot of time trying to identify the root cause of an issue. Return codes in certain situations are generic and do not provide clear insights. With this latest update, Ivanti has updated the return codes in certain scenarios to make it clear what is happening as well as enhancing the patch log data and bringing more patch information on the core. This will facilitate quicker issue resolution by eliminating the need to check each endpoint and identify the root cause as well as realize improvements in productivity, bringing information closer to the user and reduce possible log “hunting.” Furthermore, possible cost savings may be realized as this new release optimizes bandwidth management by setting a minimum disk space property on the agent settings. If the endpoint is below this threshold, Ivanti’s Endpoint Manager will not download the patch. Thus, saving critical bandwidth. Lastly, Ivanti has expanded the patch API catalog with new APIs for third party tools, enhancing the user experience as well as enabling the organization to repurpose third party tools. 

In closing, Ivanti continues to provide our customers with great experiences, leading functionality, and secure Unified Endpoint Management solutions. For further information, please contact Ivanti Support.