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Remote-Control Any PC or Mac Anywhere

Remote control devices

Picture an IT team trying to support end users without remote control software

Imagine a single network engineer tasked to resolve issues at 20 schools in a school district by hand. Or an IT staff averaging 750 service tickets per month and providing technical support manually. That means more travel, more hassle, more time, and more cost. 

With remote control you can analyze systems, resolve problems, and reduce desk-side visits. You can control nearly any desktop remotely from any device with secure, browser-based access—and support users anywhere on demand.

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Why travel 30 minutes for a five-minute fix?

Eliminate drive time to each location, limit desk-side visits, and save thousands of hours and piles of money. Resolve issues while communicating with users. 

Resolve issues quickly
Handle issues effectively without leaving your desk. It adds up to thousands of hours saved.
Anywhere from any device
Control remotely through any device—your PC, tablet, or a smartphone—via an HTML 5-enabled browser.
Built-in security
Users know when the right IT person connects to their device and takes over. Sessions are encrypted and logged for auditing follow up.
Interact and communicate
Sometimes the best way to help is to educate. Use tools to chat, draw, or demonstrate.

Remote, responsive service

Users of IT services are in the driver's seat, which means IT departments must satisfy growing expectations of workers while continuing to safeguard the enterprise network. Being able to support users through remote-control capabilities goes a long way in meeting expectations and improving service and support efficiencies. 

Endpoint Manager
Integrated remote control for comprehensive device management

Remote control features up close

Discover the key features of remote control that thousands of organizations put to good use every day. 

Communicate with users

Use chat and drawing capabilities while controlling users’ machines to convey how issues can be resolved. Drawing tools enable you to point at objects, draw freehand, and highlight specific screen areas. 

Secure and role-based

Role-based administration ensures that IT administrators can only remotely control the machines of workers they're assigned to manage. Users know when their machines are being controlled remotely and who is controlling their device. 

Auditing reports

Centralized reporting and auditing information about each remote-control session provides added safeguards. 

Initiate actions

Open a chat window, transfer files, launch applications, run programs on the machine, or reboot the machine when necessary.  

Leverages cloud services appliance

All remote-control data used to control users' machines remotely through the Cloud Services Appliance is encrypted without using a VPN. Meets security standards like FIPS 140-2.


Provide support through any HTML 5-enabled browser. Use a larger tablet while on the go or log into a computer anywhere to perform maintenance on a user’s PC or Mac anytime. The viewer doesn't require additional software or plugins and there's nothing to uninstall afterwards. 

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