A protracted, exasperating customer service experience popped into my mind while reading this sentence in the Ivanti Voice data sheet: “One of the most frequent customer complaints about call centers is having to repeat information.”

Ain’t that the truth. Here’s a brief personal experience.

Awhile back, some thieves targeted my neighborhood late one night. Two cars parked on our street had windows smashed and items stolen. What’s more, our garage door was left open (a rare occurrence, thank goodness). My car wasn’t locked, and the thieves stole a satchel that contained among other things my checkbook. Once I had notified the credit union of the theft, it quickly closed the checking account and opened a new one.

But my troubles didn’t end there.

Not thinking, I had failed to notify our primary bank and home mortgage holder, “The Brawny Behemoth Bank,” of the change in credit union checking account numbers. That meant that half of each month’s automatic mortgage payments—drawn on the credit union—weren’t being made. I called the Behemoth Bank to make them aware of the issue and the urgency to get the new credit union account tied into their system.

Easier said than done.

It took nearly a month and speaking with no fewer than seven different banking representatives on the phone to iron things out. The most frustrating part of the ordeal was having to rehearse the backstory to each representative.

Many Organizations Are Handcuffed

Not sure those checkbook thieves ever ended up in handcuffs. But the truth is, when it comes to customer service, many organizations are handcuffed by rigid, overly complicated systems and processes.

For example, it’s common for an agent/representative to access an average of three to five applications to service a customer. Making life better and more satisfying for everyone—service desk agents and users—is the ultimate measure of ITSM success. Savvy customer service departments look to leverage operational flexibility to streamline their operations and provide:

  • Better tracking of client information 
  • Case management to solve problems 
  • Voice enablement for improved customer loyalty 
  • Improved metrics for business understanding 
  • Automated workflow, and knowledge management for agent/rep efficiency 
  • Better communications for happier customers

Voice Enablement for Improved Customer Loyalty

For the purposes of this blog, let’s focus on the third bullet point—voice enablement for improved customer loyalty.

Voice enablement—or telephony integration—extends automation and self service to the call center. Phone integration and call deflection can do everything an agent can. For example, a user calling to reset a password can be identified and authenticated via an API and talked through the reset—with alerts sent to that individual and their supervisor for security purposes. In addition, telephony integration enables the nature of a call to be identified and relevant information sent to users and agents from your knowledge base.

Incident Management with Ivanti Voice

With Ivanti Voice customer data and agent screens travel everywhere with the call so the next agent has the same information as the last. (I wish my Behemoth Bank would have had Ivanti Voice.) Agents can recognize and handle priority customers before other calls based on ticket or contact records.

The solution features automatic “screen pop” of relevant contact and incident information in the service management application. Calls can be highlighted or separated into various queues based on type, priority, or queue time. Transferred calls are minimized because caller information and the reason for the call are identified using IVR input and application data. This means calls are answered by the right agent the first time.

Be confident that the right agent or team is handling the call. Reduce wasted call-handling time and save on overall costs.

Ivanti Voice is built to support Ivanti® Neurons for ITSM deployments both on-premise and in the cloud. It brings together the three main components to any service engagement:  

  1. the agent 
  2. the business data 
  3. the main medium employed in any contact-center environment – the phone 

All components you need to run a complete service desk contact center solution are provided in one offering. You can realize faster, more efficient service to drive customer satisfaction beyond current levels. This integrated, voice-enabled approach helps ensure that any organization can be better aligned with its strategic business initiatives while driving down service costs drastically and increasing customer satisfaction.

Contact us and learn how you can eliminate the roadblocks or “remove the handcuffs” by simplifying and automating your service engagements with Ivanti Voice.