It was a great first day at the Ivanti Solutions Summit 2021!

As much as we miss seeing people in person, there’s something incredible about watching the Everywhere Workplace come to life right before our eyes as thousands of people from around the world dialed in to experience something together.

The Ivanti Solutions Summit is evidence that where you are shouldn’t have anything to do with what you get to experience. We’ve been working to make the Everywhere Workplace secure, productive, better for business and better for employees. I am so proud of the mission that we have in front of us. When the world slowed down (or in some cases came to a screeching halt!) due to a global pandemic, we pressed on because we know we are providing a critically important service. So many organizations struggled with the rapid shift to decentralize their workforces. If we back off, it gets that much harder for companies to empower their teams, maintain security and help everyone do what needs to be done.

Of course, it’s not just Ivanti making the Everywhere Workplace possible – it’s our whole team plus our partners, customers and industry. And, we are celebrating all of them.

Together, we are making the Everywhere Workplace possible. And it needs to be possible. If you missed the first day of presentations, be sure to check out the replays. Here’s a quick summary of the first day:

  • Ivanti CEO, Jim Schaper and President, Jeff Abbott, shared their vision for the Everywhere Workplace.
  • Ivanti Chief Product Officer and President of the Service Management Solutions Group, Nayaki Nayyar shared how Ivanti Neurons is the magic behind making the Everywhere Workplace real for our customers.
  • Super Sessions and Breakouts focused on how customers can Discover, Manage, Secure and Service the Everywhere Workplace.
  • Finally, the fireside chat with entrepreneur and acclaimed Street Skater Rodney Mullen is something you don’t want to miss. Rodney shared lessons he learned through skating and how he applies those learnings to real-world business issues.

I hope you can join us for day 2 tomorrow! There is still time to register and attend. Visit to learn more and sign up! Don't worry if you missed anything from day 1. You can catch the replay of all sessions here!

Day 1 Recap - Melissa Puls