There are many laborious and repetitive tasks IT team members find distasteful, but probably none more repugnant than password resets. Depending on company size and number of employees, those requests can pile up like evil little villains, waiting not so patiently to steal the precious time of IT support personnel, who can sometimes spend nearly half of their working day handling password reset calls. 

IT teams yearn for technology to swoop in like a superhero and save them from password resets and other time-consuming activities and set everything right. But what software possesses a superhero’s outstanding traits—a secret identity, extraordinary powers, and a keen desire to serve others without expectation of reward?

Faster than a speeding bullet is Ivanti Automation! It’s always working in secret on the backend to connect software tools, empowering users to provide self-service password resets, automated provisioning, problem management, and support ticket management.

Ivanti Automation Superpowers

As one of the key components in Ivanti’s ability to deliver “The Power of Unified IT,” Ivanti Automation’s chief superpower is automating processes. It employs workflow automation to accomplish a multitude of labor-intensive tasks in a single bound.

The solution’s other powers include its ever-present reliability, predictability, and willingness to serve others selflessly by doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again without fail, never needing recognition for its tedious accomplishments.

Incorporated throughout Ivanti’s product portfolio, Ivanti Automation strengthens and unifies processes by automating infrastructure, cloud, and workspace-automation processes to support the business. The potency of its superpowers is amplified when unifying IT and smooth integration into a multitude of third-party technologies, including Salesforce, Citrix, and IBM. Ivanti Automation offers more than 300 built-in tasks and a large portfolio of connectors, listed in detail on the Ivanti Marketplace.

Knocking Out Villainous IT Tasks

In addition to resetting passwords, requests for IT resources, access to file shares, and even deploying and managing virtual environments are villainous tasks in an IT department, as those laborious, necessary nuisances consume valuable IT-staff bandwidth. Ivanti Automation performs those and innumerable tedious IT tasks mightily so that staff may use time gained to pursue innovative and strategic projects.

It takes a superhero to rescue IT staff from its endless list of thankless IT tasks. As an added bonus, Ivanti Automation is not disposed to make careless errors in the way that ordinary humans sometimes do.

No Capes Required to Reduce Service Calls

One company enjoying the remarkable superpowers of Ivanti Automation is Neisa, one of Denmark’s oldest and largest IT service providers. Neisa’s IT support staff handles more than 60,000 support cases each year. That number steadily increases as Neisa’s customer base continues to grow.  

Using Ivanti Automation, Neisa automated more than 200 individual tasks, including the provisioning of devices and apps, resetting passwords to maintain security, updating software versions, and more. The result was a 60-percent reduction in service calls through automation, as well as improved response times and quality of service to customers.

Learn more by reading the full case study, Neisa Denmark Delivers Quality Service Using Ivanti Automation.

Unmask the Benefits of Streamlined Onboarding and Offboarding

While the use of Ivanti Automaton may start in the IT department, it can quickly permeate an organization as people grasp the improvements created in operational efficiencies and in reducing costs.

For example, when used by Human Resource departments for identity and access management, Ivanti Automation combined with Ivanti Identity Director manages the entire employee lifecycle by making real-time adjustments when an employee’s position changes, and reduces onboarding and offboarding process time from days to minutes.

Streamlining onboarding activities, this unique Automation superpower, coupled with Identity Director, is the engine that powers provisioning of IT resources based off Identity Director entitlement qualifications and business logic. It is critical when equipping new hires with access and applications needed to be productive their first day on the job.

Conversely, when an employee leaves an organization, automating offboarding activities can immediately revoke access to IT resources to ensure departing employees do not retain company assets or access to confidential information that could potentially result in security breaches.

Discover the Superpowers of Ivanti Automation

Almost every process, task, and environment can benefit from Ivanti Automation, Ivanti’s own superhero. By unifying processes across the IT organization and the business, Ivanti Automation stands ready to save the day by simplifying management of infrastructure, increasing productivity and efficiency, reducing expenses, and lowering risk.

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