How Do You Prioritize Risk? 

Vulnerability remediation is still an ongoing struggle for organizations. A simple mistake could cause no issues, or it could set off a wide-scale, devastating, corporate breach. Why is this? There are many reasons. Security and Ops talk past one another. No one wants to be the one that broke something. Speed is hindered by ineffective testing. 

What if you could have reliable, prioritized patch data that kept you in compliance? Introducing Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence. Drawing on Ivanti’s patch management expertise, which deploys more than 1.2 billion patch updates annually, Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence helps users easily research, prioritize, and receive better insights for patch management processes in one central location.

Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence as mentioned in Threat Thursday: How Do You Manage Risk lets you: 

  1. Facilitate data and risk conversations between Security and Operations through operational collaboration 
  2. Research, prioritize, and receive better risk-based insights in one central location 
  3. Understand patch reliability and known issues, prioritize testing, and reduce operational impacts  
  4. Act on threats faster  
  5. Reduce your time-to-patch to achieve your Vulnerability Remediation SLAs 

Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence: Increase Reliability 

Patch reliability data automatically delivers actionable intelligence from thousands of public and crowdsourced sentiment data. This information provides improved patch reliability so security teams can act on threats faster and reduce their time-to-patch. Customers can now receive fine-tuned reliability metrics on patch updates that can improve their patching cycles significantly through two metrics:  

Reliability metrics: Gives you insights into the number of successful and failed patch-update attempts available on any one patch. This metric accumulates data from several sources to receive an overall reliability score. And, if you are curious about any one specific patch, more drilled down information is available.

Trending metrics: Provides social trends and chatter collected around different events like Patch Tuesday. A low amount of chatter from this trending metric and the update looks good; too much chatter and there may be issues with the patch.  Either way, once again you can drill down to receive more details.

Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence: Prioritize Your Risk 

Resolve the right vulnerabilities first. Threat-vulnerability databases may rate an update as important that should be critical, while a high CVSS score might not be urgent. These stats alone are directionally helpful, but when aggregated into a risk-based prioritized solution like Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence, your threat landscape becomes clearer, making it easier to act quickly.

We have a customer that understands how to act quickly. Jesse Miller, Information Technology Specialist for SouthStar Bank, recently recalled his conversation with his compliance auditor about Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence saying, “… I have never found anything like this! Instead of talking about security and patching for hours with a compliance auditor, we spent only minutes on it and moved onto other things. I have been impressed with the entire solution.”

Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence: Stay in Compliance 

Managing compliance and working through audits with compliance officers like Jesse did is a necessity. The compliance reporting in Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence gives you a detailed account of when updates are first made across your environment.  Ivanti’s own internal IT team took advantage of the increased visibility gained to manage compliance from Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence.

Adam Jones, Senior Director of IT at Ivanti, discussed the successes his team has had with Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence. “Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence gives my IT team the most comprehensive view of the state of device patching available. It enables data- and risk-driven conversations between IT and security to help direct resources. We have reduced our vulnerable devices by 50% and spent 75% fewer hours on these activities in the process. Eliminating duplicate work between IT and Security has helped us manage compliance-related tickets more efficiently and has been a significant benefit for the team.” 

Eat Your Own Cooking

Our customers and internal teams are reporting great results from Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence. For our IT team, this is a great case of “eating our own dog food”. However, that phrase does not capture the right visual, so I searched for something better and found it: “eat your own cooking” borrowed from the finance industry. And so, Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence has cooked up a great new dish to help you research, prioritize, and receive improved, risk-based insights. Test our five-star Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence, rated a true feast. From our test kitchen to yours we think you will truly enjoy. Bon appétit!