We recently interviewed some of the ladies who attended our Women in Tech lunch at Interchange Madrid. Enjoy the video and interview transcript below.

What’s the best thing about being a woman in tech?

  • "Being a woman in tech is taking what is viewed as a male-dominated environment and working on it as a woman." – Obakeng Tsupoeng, ICL Botswana
  • "The best thing is the fast-paced environment that we are working in. You get an opportunity to work with new technologies, be innovative, be creative. And I love working with other powerful women in the technology industry." – Sarah Lewis, Ivanti
  • "There are so many opportunities; it’s so varied. I get to work with loads of different customers so I get to meet loads of different people." – Sally Bogg, Leeds Beckett University
  • "I like the fact that nothing stays the same for long–technology is changing all the time. I am right at the cutting edge of new things which can make a big difference to the way we live and work in today's world." – Roisin Tims, Ivanti

What’s the most challenging thing about being a woman in tech?

  • "If you go and visit customers to troubleshoot something and they realise, when you get there, that you are a lady, they can make you feel that–as a woman–you cannot help." – Maikutlo Tsile, ICL Botswana
  • "The difficulty is that sometimes it’s hard as we are often mistaken for the secretary, not as someone who works in high-tech." – Marielle Ballay, Faurecia
  • "You have to work much harder to get the credit for your work." – Sandra Ristovska, Ivanovski, Ectacom
  • "Being undermined–like being told you cannot do what men can do–is the most challenging thing." – Obakeng Tsupoeng, ICL Botswana

What advice do you have for women looking to come into tech?

  • "I’d say go for it! There are fantastic opportunities, it’s constantly growing and changing. If you are going to go into tech, go into it with all your heart and win fair and square." – Susan McGuire, Ivanti
  • "I think the advice I would actually give is to have confidence in yourself, believe in yourself, and to train yourself to learn new things all of the time." – Anne-Pierre Guignard, Ivanti
  • "The best advice I can give is that if you believe you can do it, then go for it." – Obakeng Tsupoeng, ICL Botswana
  • "Don’t be put off by other people and outside influences." – Roisin Tims, Ivanti
  • "Don’t be afraid to think differently, act differently, and present different ideas." – Carla Thornley, University of Oxford
  • "All women should do it; it is actually interesting." – Stina Fossum, Sykehuspartner IKT
  • "This is the good part. Yes, we can do it! Without women, it can’t happen, so bring it on!" – Maikutlo Tsile, ICL Botswana