This week we’re back with Chris Dancy! We spoke with Chris in episode 7 of the Ivanti Insights podcast and now we are continuing our conversation with him, and this time we discussed safety within the Everywhere Workplace!

Chris started his journey into the Everywhere Workplace in the late nineties when he was a consultant flying across the globe during a time when a patch disc was sent to you rather than downloaded from anywhere. Pretty crazy to imagine!

Patch discs aren’t the only thing that have changed over the years. We dived into QR codes and how these new and convenient technologies must come with an evolution in thinking specifically around what Chris calls “Everywhere Safety.” The conversation took an interesting turn as we discussed how the Everywhere Workplace and safety, at its core, are about using values to drive decisions across companies and employees.

We also asked ourselves: What will the Everywhere Workplace look like in the future and how can we improve digital safety for future generations? Safety must extend to a larger scale, to a community scale.

From patching discs to QR codes, GPS tracking technology is quite the norm for us as well; for tracking our pets and even our children. What is the balance between protecting our loved ones and protecting their privacy and security?

Speaking of security, imagine a world where long complex passwords are fully replaced with biometrics; a world where you must smile when your face is scanned to get access to your data. That’s the world that Chris Dancy imagines and hopes for.

This episode centers around Everywhere Workplace safety as technologies like GPS, QR codes, biometrics, and more, continue to evolve.

As usual, take a deep dive on these topics by tuning in to the full episode.

Stay safe, be secure and keep smiling,