Fusion 17 Conference & Expo will feature two of Ivanti's leading lights as speakers: Matt Hooper, Director, ITSM Americas, and Kevin J. Smith, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives.

Whether or not you’ll be at the event, this mini-preview of their sessions and glimpse into the ideas behind them offers some key points that just might help in your efforts to realize The Power of Unified IT™ at your enterprise.

Matt’s Message: Modernize ITSM to Enable Digital Transformation and Meet User Expectations

Matt’s spent some two decades helping IT teams transform their operations and perspectives from service-centric to customer-centric.

Fusion 17 Presentation: Matt Hooper

On Wednesday, Nov. 1 at 3 p.m., Matt will ask and discuss with his audience a timely question: Can ITSM Lead Digital Transformation? Matt will describe how some enterprises have evolved governance from a hindrance to an enabler of agility and innovation. He will also offer insights into how lean service management, DevOps, and improved service management technologies and processes can help to enable greater enterprise agility.

On Thursday, Nov. 2, 11:30 a.m., Matt will lead a discussion entitled Work to the Left, Expectations to the Right. In that session, Matt will explore the continuing evolution of IT’s role, as work “shifts left” from skilled practitioners to users, and user expectations “shift right” from services to experiences. The need and opportunity to modernize IT and ITSM technologies and processes is likely to feature prominently in this session as well.

Of course, Matt has not come by these topics or observations recently or casually. In March 2017, Matt wrote “Disruption or Disruptive – IT at the Cost of Business.” Here’s some of what he said then.

Bottom line, there is a new expectation for IT leaders and the services they provide. IT can no longer be carried out in its traditional “command & control” mindset at the cost of business innovation and growth.  It’s no wonder why ITSM is under so much scrutiny to demonstrate and validate its value as a business discipline. When IT is the business, CEO’s don’t want better IT… they want better Business.

In August 2017, Matt wrote, “IT Security & Service Management: The Intersection of Safe and Supported.” Here’s some of what he said then.

Unifying IT is not about getting two departments to work more collaboratively together. It’s about…practices and tools that maximize value, reduce workload, and increase visibility. ITxM is all about systematically improving capabilities within IT asset, service, and security management.

Kevin’s Key Point: Unified IT is the Future – and It Starts Now

Like Matt, Kevin is deeply experienced in and deeply passionate about how people use technologies to get work done. Also like Matt, Kevin thinks and has thought a lot about the roles IT and ITSM has played, plays, and can play in helping make those people and technologies more productive.

Fusion 17 Presentation: Kevin J. Smith

On Thursday, November 2 at 2:30pm in the Fusion 17 Expo Floor Theater, Kevin will offer A Glimpse at the Future of IT. The session will focus on six factors driving what Kevin says is “a remarkable transformation” for IT, one that “will result in a new set of metrics and a new organizational model for IT.”

Immediately after that session, Kevin will be at Ivanti’s booth at Fusion 17, signing complimentary copies of his February 2017 book, The Practical Guide To World-Class IT Service Management. That book looks at the past and present, and future of ITSM, and offers six Core and 12 World-Class processes intended to help IT leaders and their teams get to that future.

And what does that future hold? Shortly after his book was published, my colleague Brent Bluth interviewed Kevin. Here’s a snippet of their exchange, from Brent’s post, “IT Insights from SVP Kevin J. Smith, Recently Published Author.”

Which way are the industry winds blowing? 

The Unification of IT will reshape everything we do over the next 10 years and this will include an IT organization that is much more personal, much faster, and works 24X7 in support of the business.

Ivanti @ Fusion 17 – and Beyond

If you’re attending Fusion 17 and haven’t already done so, now’s the time to schedule your demo with Ivanti at Booth #707. There’s an Amazon gift card in it for you, too.

Whether you’ll be at Fusion 17 or not, Ivanti can help your enterprise improve delivery of IT and business services, empower your service management team, and deliver service management from the cloud. Check out our solutions, at the show, online, or both. Then, let’s talk about how Ivanti can help you modernize IT and ITSM and get closer to Unified IT at your enterprise.