Well, we’ve officially changed our name to Ivanti. That’s HUGE news. It positions us for another 30 years of growth. We've tried to keep this announcement a big secret. For the most part we succeeded. Below you'll see list of questions and answers about the brand. Hopefully it helps sort through the confusion.

The headline is simple: LANDESK, HEAT, AppSense, Shavlik, and Wavelink have now officially combined into one brand and one company named Ivanti. Below you can read an FAQ about the new brand. If you have additional questions, simply let us know.

Q: What is the official company name?

A:  Ivanti

Q: What does Ivanti mean?

A:  It is a made up word that suggests forward or ahead. It hearkens to innovation and being a catalyst for change, which are qualities we are already known for in the market.

Q:  How is it pronounced?

A:  ee-von-tee

Q:  Why are we changing the company name?

A:  LANDESK has evolved.  As a company name, LANDESK no longer represents all we do or the forward vision of the company. LANDESK is a trusted and well-respected name that has served the industry and our customers well. However, we have outgrown the brand. We have acquired seven companies in the past four years, and are now merging with HEAT Software. These additions are part of our strategic vision to evolve our offerings, but because LANDESK is so strongly associated with systems management, it is increasingly difficult to expand the company perception to encompass all we offer. Changing the name and logo signals to internal teams, customers, and the industry, that our company has a new vision, positioning us well into the future.

Q: What do we want Ivanti to be known for?

A: You can see all of this messaging on our website, so it is no secret. But, we’re the place that IT goes when they want to do their work. Our offerings emphasize operational endpoint security. We are experts in helping organizations create modern, optimized IT. We help organizations discover all the devices in their environment, including ones not meant to be there. We align data from multiple systems, to help provide insights to help IT make informed decisions, and we help them take action on those decisions, reducing risk.

Our technologies are known for being reliable, easy to integrate and use alongside other IT systems, and for giving IT the ability to get the job done—whatever that job is.

Q: What will stay the same?

A: A lot! We will still have great people and technology.  We will continue to produce and maintain reliable products that help IT organizations balance rapidly-evolving user requirements with the need to secure critical assets and data. We will still provide customers with great service.  And, of course, we will continue treat employees, customers and partners as family.

Q: What will happen to LANDESK.com, HEATSoftware.com, AppSense.com, Shavlik.com and Wavelink.com?

A: Ivanti.com launched January 23 in the United States, and simultaneously in most nations around the world. It is our new company website. It includes products from all product lines.  Immediately after the brand change our other websites will still exist, but they’ll be slowly turned off over the next few months.

No new content will be added to our old websites. All new content will be added to Ivanti.com

Q:  What does this change for me if I’m a customer?

A: Honestly, not a lot at all (other than better products in the future).  You might notice a few name and color changes within the products you use, but that’s about it. If you have ANY issues at all, let us know.

Q: Will this invalidate any support agreements in place right now?

A: No. The name change will not invalidate any support agreements.

Q: Will we see the LANDESK, HEAT, Shavlik, AppSense, or Wavelink logos anymore?

A: We’ll advertise, market, and attend events as Ivanti. You’ll probably see the old logos pop up here and there at events or on some brochure that was printed during the Reagan administration, but generally you should only see the Ivanti logo moving forward.