We’ve all been there. Trying to piece together cumbersome parts of furniture in vain. You could’ve sworn piece A attached to piece B, or should that screw have gone into that leg? You’re ready to rip the instruction manual to pieces or give up – leaving you with a poorly built, frustrating chair (who needs to sit on it anyway, right?)

Much like building big box store furniture, IT Asset Management can be equally complex, costly, and time-consuming. And what’s more, to get the most out of any IT Asset Management solution, you should be able to do three things:

  • Know what assets you have and where they reside
  • Track contracts and regulatory compliance
  • Understand your cost of ownership

Tracking assets using manual, outdated processes is an administrative nightmare, much like your chair is a hazard. 

With Ivanti Asset Manager Essentials, ditch the instructional manual!

As a pre-built ITAM solution running in the cloud, Asset Manager Essentials significantly accelerates time to value, enabling you to get full visibility of your IT assets, track contracts, and understand cost of ownership.

Delivered in a pre-packaged, fixed design, you can enjoy rapid, budget-friendly implementation of Asset Manager Essentials so you can receive out-of-the-box reports and dashboards configured to meet the specific needs of your IT asset management team.

And on top of the sweet, pre-built functionalities, feature updates are automatic in the cloud, removing the administrative headaches around software maintenance that keep your team from focusing on vital IT assets. Don’t overcomplicate things, opt for a pre-built solution that tackles all your IT asset management needs.

The Short

With Ivanti Asset Manager Essentials, you have capabilities right out of the box:

  • Track asset availability and performance
  • Retrieve data with barcode scanning
  • Gain cost and contract visibility
  • Deliver enhanced user experiences with a product catalog
  • Drive vendor management
  • Improve growth, support capabilities, and end-user satisfaction with unified IT

The Long

Now that you’ve got the short list, let’s get into a few of the Essentials’ best features:

Tracking asset availability and performance has become easier than ever. No more grappling with multiple systems and inaccurate spreadsheet data. Asset Manager Essentials simplifies the entire process with an Asset Repository, enabling consistent management from procurement to purchase order, receipt deployment, and disposal. And to maintain repository accuracy, Asset Manager Essentials includes powerful data-importing capabilities that allow imported data from several different sources, including Ivanti Endpoint Manager, Data Center Discover, or barcode scans.

Now that tracking assets is a breeze, with Asset Manager Essentials, gain valuable cost and contract visibility. Now you can store and view procurement data, providing accurate, timely financial and contractual information to help you optimize your asset purchases for the business. Things such as opening and maintaining purchase orders, rolling up to your TCO, or assigning financial ownership to report on IT spend is now available. And what’s more, you can view and manage your complete list of contracts tied to individual assets, ensuring you’re in compliance and anticipating contract-renewal dates.

On top of these sweet, pre-built capabilities, Asset Manager Essentials is built on the proven Ivanti cloud platform and integrated with Ivanti Help Desk Essentials for an overall foundation for growth, improved support capabilities, and boosted end-user satisfaction. Want to ditch the instructions too?

To learn more about the ins and outs of the new out-of-the-box Asset Manager Essentials, visit www.ivanti.com/asset-manager-essentials. And, read the datasheet to see how Asset Manager Essentials meets the specific needs of your ITAM team.

Get the solution you want (and the chair you need), without overcomplicating things.