In case you missed the March 29th registration deadline for the early-bird discount for Interchange19 in Nashville (April 29 – May 2), don’t despair! We’re offering another attractive incentive for you to attend the conference: a FREE, one-year subscription to Ivanti Cloud!

As you’ll see below, people attend Interchange for lots of reasons. The top five are:

  1. Deep-dive technical training
  2. Product tips and tricks
  3. Meetings with Product Experts
  4. Product roadmap information
  5. Networking with peers

the top reasons for attending interchange

Another Top Reason to Attend: Get Ivanti Cloud for Free

If you have to justify your Interchange attendance to management, this could be your best reason yet! You can receive a FREE, one-year subscription to Ivanti Cloud.

Let’s do the math.

The annual subscription to the Ivanti Cloud is $15 per node. If your organization has more than 200 people ($15 x 200 = $3,000), you’ve more than covered the cost of a standard pass to Interchange ($1,795). If your organization is an enterprise customer, the math makes it a no brainer.

Please note that this free offer only applies to those who attend Interchange in Nashville and you have to sign up for this special deal at the event.

Turn Expertise Into Action

Data is like currency in today’s enterprises. However, until you can trust it, organize it, direct it, and apply it to the right issues, siloed data can be more of an economic burden than a windfall.

Ivanti Cloud tackles one of the hardest challenges any enterprise has—how to bring together data from multiple sources, then normalize, reconcile, and leverage it throughout the IT organization. You’ll always know what to do next. Examples? Resolve issues before they escalate or morph into a growing number of IT tickets. Eliminate hardware purchases before allocating more budget to something because you can’t find it.

What security risks do you have—right now? What devices on your network are unmanaged or unused? Timely information is always at a premium. Match that with the actions required to get the job done.

Ivanti Cloud pulls data from across your organization to provide recommended next steps.

  • Data Services: Uses connectors and cloud agents to bring data into Ivanti Cloud. It aggregates, normalizes, reconciles, and unifies IT data for a clearer view and optimized processes within your IT. Data can be passed through connectors to multiple cloud or on-premise solutions.
  • Real-time Capabilities: Leverage IoT-related communications from sensors for instant feedback from thousands of devices in seconds so you can perform quick, proactive research and fast resolutions
  • Smart Advisors: Provide you with intelligent recommendations for what to do next. Integration point for visual data, recommendations, and actions.
  • Automation Fabric: Automation actions that are built or scripted in the cloud make life easier for the next time you need to perform that action again. Employed to trigger actions or point to actions both in the cloud or on-premise.

Register for Interchange in Nashville

Your Standard Pass grants you:

  • Full access to keynotes, sessions, hands-on labs, and expo hall
  • Daily lunches and snacks
  • Evening parties with food, drinks, and entertainment
  • Ivanti conference bag

Also, take a few minutes to learn more about Ivanti Cloud. We look forward to seeing you at Interchange 2019!

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