It’s awards season, but not just for Hollywood movie stars. We’ve got our own version of the Academy Awards out here in the Silicon Slopes: Utah Business’ CEO of the Year Awards.

Although slightly less flashy than the Oscars (if we could find someone to perform a soul-shaking rendition of “This Is Me” in a boardroom, we would), the Utah Business awards are an exciting opportunity for business leaders to be recognized in Utah. 

Here are the 12 winning chief executives in their respective industry categories. Imagine these names being read from a glossy gold envelope:

  • Lifetime Achievement: John B. Lund, President and CEO, America First Credit Union
  • Large Company: Scott Beck, President and CEO, CHG Healthcare
  • Medium Company: Jim Carlson, CEO and Co-Founder, Zurixx
  • Small Company: Andrew LimpertCEO and Director, FireFly Automatix, Inc.
  • Large Tech Company: Steve Daly, President and CEO, Ivanti
    Ivanti CEO Steve Daly
    Image source: Utah Business
    Ivanti CEO Steve Daly Image source: Utah Business
  • Medium Tech Company: Ryan Westwood, Co-Founder and CEO, Simplus
  • Small Tech Company: Chris Klomp, CEO, Collective Medical Technologies
  • Large Consumer Products Company: Randall Hales, President and CEO, ZAGG, Inc
  • Medium Consumer Products Company: Vivien Bohme, CEO, Bohme
  • Small Consumer Products Company: Joel Clark, CEO, Kodiak Cakes
  • Nonprofit — Business Services: Nathan Rafferty, President and CEO, Ski Utah
  • Nonprofit — Social Services: Mircea Divricean, President and CEO, Kostopulos Dream Foundation and Camp Kostopulos

Our CEO, Steve Daly, is no stranger to awards. Last summer he was recognized as EY’s Entrepreneur Of The Year for the Utah Region, as well as Utah Tech Council’s CEO of the Year.

That's three awards in less than a year. As Anchorman's Ron Burgundy would say, he’s “kind of a big deal.”

But that’s not to say it has been easy.

The Evolution and Success of Ivanti

Ivanti, as it stands today, is the result of six tech company acquisitions from 2012 to 2016, a merger with HEAT Software in 2017, and a rebrand.

The acquisitions were all part of Steve Daly’s strategic vision and mission statement for Ivanti, which is to:

Unify IT and security operations to better manage and secure the digital workplace.

That vision is paying off. There are now more than 2,000 employees in 23 countries, and 22,000 customers from all industries worldwide. Ivanti has reached nearly $500 million in revenue, with a goal to hit $1 billion in revenue.

“This past year we’ve grown the business almost two times its traditional size,” says CMO Steve Morton. “Steve has been a very good, steady hand throughout that process. … He gets the fact that he has to rally a team—he has to bring people together from multiple acquisitions and multiple companies.”

Steve Daly’s advice?

“Be curious. Try new things. I’ve tried a lot of different things and I think it’s prepared me really well for the job I’m in today. I would say don’t get so worried about this roadmap for your career. Try new things and be very curious about what you can do, and it will all work to bring together a well-rounded person.”

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