streamline complex operations with ivanti automationRoutine manual tasks consume IT and service desk resources and limit your team members’ ability to move ahead with higher-impact strategic projects. Every minute saved is 60 seconds freed to reassign people to innovation, strategic projects, and critical business challenges. Automation streamlines the management of complex hybrid environments by automating infrastructure, cloud, and workspace- automation processes required to support the business.

Break Free from Manual IT Tasks

Demands for IT services have outpaced the resources required to deliver them, frustrating workers and stretching IT teams. These teams face a growing list of requirements, such as supporting the mobile worker, maintaining a secure digital workspace, provisioning new cloud-based resources, and complying with internal governance policies and government regulations. Routine, labor-intensive tasks limit your team’s ability to move ahead with higher-impact strategic projects, and are error- prone and could be implemented inconsistently, hindering IT productivity and policy enforcement. You need a solution that:

  • Empowers IT to automate routine and manual tasks
  • Accelerates ROI from existing technology investments through integration
  • Quickly gives people access to the digital resources they need to do their jobs
  • Enforces essential security and compliance policies
  • Expedites the transition of on-premises or virtual workloads to the cloud
  • Shifts IT spending to more strategic projects
  • Optimizes the service desk to reduce or eliminate ticket-resolution times
  • Aligns with and provides agility to support dev-ops initiatives

The Solution: Ivanti Automation

With Ivanti Automation, you can streamline complex operations and automate the infrastructure, cloud, and workspace processes required to support and deliver IT services to the business. Transform labor-intensive tasks into automated workflows—all maintained in a single, easily navigated repository where they can be found quickly, freeing resources for strategic projects. Automating IT tasks helps enforce essential security controls and compliance policies by removing the risk of error and creating a strong audit trail.

Key capabilities of Ivanti Automation include:

Task automation – Automate configuration, provisioning, and upgrades with more than 300 out-of-the-box tasks and queries to maintain on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Employ existing PowerShell scripts to get started quickly and ensure they are repeatable and sharable. Runbooks support complex changes, where multiple systems are touched often in sequence.

Flexible administration – Simplify managing complex hybrid environments through simple runbook creation. Control who can make changes and when they’ll be executed within the infrastructure through delegation and advanced job scheduling. Every module and runbook can be exported to building blocks for easy backup and transition to development, testing, and production.

Cloud-readiness – A shared automation environment can be applied to conventional on-premises infrastructure, as well as public cloud services. Quickly define appropriate rules and policies for provisioning services and granting user permissions to access cloud services.

Integration – Get more ROI out of existing investments by integrating with other data sources via the powerful API and using add-ons that integrate with various third-party technologies, including IT service management, IT asset management, virtualization and cloud provisioning, PC lifecycle management, and SaaS apps.

Governance – Reduce risk and ensure compliance through insight and visibility. Version control and trust security improve auditability, traceability, and change control. You can employ audit trails, historical reporting, and configuration analysis to meet compliance initiatives, troubleshoot, and improve infrastructure management. View recorded activity to prove exactly when tasks were executed, by whom, and origin of the request.

Greater Agility, More Benefits

Ivanti Automation means more agility for cloud infrastructure projects. You can fully automate processes—including how and when apps and services are delivered. The scalable architecture and automation fabric provide over 300 built-in tasks and a portfolio of connectors for seamless integration with existing technology investments.

Your organization benefits from:

  • Greater strategic business value from IT
  • Significantly faster responsiveness to business users’ needs
  • Better performance and uptime for critical applications and services
  • Reduced security and compliance risks
  • Improved business agility
  • Less vulnerability to loss of key technical employees
  • Ability to support large, complex enterprise environments with a set number of resources.
  • Ease of use means you can begin automating on day one

Common Use Cases for Ivanti Automation

Your IT environment may be complex, but supporting it doesn’t have to be. Use Ivanti Automation to:

  • Create advanced tasks for patching and securing your servers with the connectors for Ivanti Security Controls or Ivanti Patch for Windows Server
  • Use Ivanti Automation alongside Identity Director or Service Manager to deliver the right resource to your organization automatically and securely
  • Deploy and manage virtual environments using Ivanti Automation virtualization connectors to VMware, Azure, and other solutions
  • Automatically provision access for users to your critical on-premises and cloud applications
  • With connectors to Ivanti Service Manager, enable users to log incidents or requests without the need to speak with an agent or communicate with someone
  • With connectors to Ivanti Asset Manager, request laptop refresh, including entitlement calculation
  • Use Ivanti Service Manager and Ivanti Automation to automate self-service requests, including request for VCloud access, reset Active Directory password, and request for BitLocker Recovery password