Plenty of things are automated today – even the most mundane, daily tasks are part of the conveyor belt of our lives. For example, take the beginning of our days. We wake up to our alarm (with our phone having recorded our sleep cycles), brush our teeth with an electric toothbrush (which is synced to help us brush efficiently), and brew our coffee via autotimer (with perfect drip sequences for optimal coffee flavor).

Though perhaps subtle, each of these previously manual tasks has been eclipsed by an automated, efficient, and innovative solution. We no longer wake up with the sun, brush our teeth cursorily, or brew subpar coffee. Humans have moved up in the world, due in part to automating and innovating.

If every other part of our day is automated, why can’t our IT processes be too? Ivanti is here to tell you that they can!

Break IT Free from Manual Tasks

Many IT organizations today find themselves responsible for managing complex hybrid environments with limited resources. The demands on IT services have simply outpaced the resources available. This growing list of requirements includes: supporting mobile workers, maintaining a secure digital workspace, provisioning new cloud-based resources, and complying with internal governance policies and government regulations.

All of these requirements consume IT and service desk resources, limiting IT’s ability to move ahead with higher-impact, strategic projects. And on top of that, these manual processes have the potential to be inconsistently implemented and prone to errors. All of this, the requirements and the manual processes, results in frustrated and unproductive workers and over-stretched IT teams.

The Needed Solution?

Organizations struggling with manual, time-consuming processes need a solution that:

  • Empowers IT to automate routine and manual tasks
  • Accelerates ROI from existing technology investments through integration
  • Quickly gives people access to the digital resources they need to do their jobs
  • Enforces essential security and compliance policies
  • Expedites the transition of on-premises or virtual workloads to the cloud
  • Shifts IT spending to more strategic projects
  • Optimizes the service desk to reduce or eliminate ticket resolution times
  • Aligns with and provides agility to support dev-ops initiatives

Our Solution: Ivanti Automation

Ivanti Automation streamlines the management of complex hybrid environments by automating infrastructure, cloud, and workspace processes required to support and deliver IT services to the business. And, we’ve recently announced that the solution spans Ivanti products (including ITSM, Security, ITAM, etc.), providing automated workflows across IT departments for unified IT management. Talk about a one stop shop for all your IT needs! The shared environment across Ivanti products can also automate many on-premises infrastructure processes and tools, including multiple public cloud services such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure. Integrating with third-party technologies is supported through pre-built connectors and add-ons, which are available in the Ivanti Marketplace.

IT can transform once manual and laborious tasks into automated workflows that are all maintained in a single, easily navigated repository, where they can be readily found by anyone who needs them, freeing up resources to focus on strategic projects. Automating IT tasks helps enforce essential security controls and compliance policies by removing the risk of error and creating a strong audit trail. Key capabilities of Ivanti Automation include:

  • Task automation: Automate configuration, provisioning, and upgrades with over 300 out-of-the-box tasks and queries to maintain on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Utilize existing PowerShell scripts to get started quickly and ensure they are repeatable and sharable. Run books support complex changes, where multiple systems are touched often in sequence.
  • Flexible administration: Simplify the management of complex hybrid environments with intuitive web-based administration. Delegation and advanced job scheduling enables you to control who can make changes and when they will be executed within the infrastructure. Every module and run book can be exported to building blocks for easy backup and transition to development, testing, and production.
  • Cloud-readiness: Take advantage of a shared automation environment that can be applied to conventional on-premises infrastructure, as well as public cloud services such as Amazon and Azure. Quickly define appropriate rules and policies for provisioning services and granting users permission to access cloud services.
  • Integration: Get more ROI out of existing investments by integrating with other data sources via the powerful API and utilizing add-ons that integrate with various third-party technologies, including mobile device management, IT service management, virtualization and cloud provisioning, PC lifecycle management, and SaaS apps.
  • Governance: Reduce risk and ensure compliance through insight and visibility. Version control and trust security improves auditability, traceability, and change control. To meet compliance initiatives, perform troubleshooting, and improve infrastructure management, you can utilize the audit trails, historical reporting and configuration analysis.

Greater Agility, More Benefits

Ivanti Automation brings greater agility for cloud infrastructure projects. IT teams can fully automate processes, including around how and when apps and services are delivered. The scalable architecture and automation fabric provides over 300 built-in tasks and a portfolio of connectors for seamless integration with existing technology investments. Resulting benefits include:

  • Greater strategic business value from IT
  • Significantly faster responsiveness to business users’ needs
  • Better performance and uptime for critical applications and services
  • Reduced security and compliance risks
  • Improved business agility
  • Less vulnerability to loss of key technical employees

With Ivanti Automation, IT can support even the largest and complex enterprise environments without generating excessive overhead. It is so easy to use that customers begin automating on day one.

Common Uses for Ivanti Automation:

  • Routine configuration, provisioning, and upgrade tasks
  • Auditable compliance
  • Advanced change control

Want to Automate Now? Learn More.

Want your IT tasks to match the rest of your life. Check out And to see how Ivanti Automation now spans the entire product set, take a look at our press release – “Ivanti Unifies IT, Service Management and Security Operations with Ivanti Automation.”