I’d like to introduce you to our latest service management release, packed full of goodness to put a spring in your step for the New Year, but that’s not all, keep reading to learn about an exciting competition that you can enter.

Ahh, yes a new year,– time to make a new start at work; forge new relationships, be more efficient, be more productive and leave work at a reasonable hour! We see all around us that those that succeed at work and in building relationships do so through a combination of being more focused cutting out time-wasting activities while making personalized and consistent contact with fellow workers. But here’s the rub, many of us don’t have the time to search out more details about people we work with to make those personalized engagements. We resort to static, one-size fits-none engagement. Hold on though, because the newest major release of LANDESK Service Desk changes all that for IT service management (ITSM) analysts, or anyone in the business using service management to improve their departments; HR, facilities, R&D etc. And our focus for this release, as you might have guessed from the title, is “context”.

Giving Context to Service Management

In our previous major release, we focused on improving Engagement – IT engaging more with the business and having the right tools in place for business users to engage with IT. That is still very much top-of-mind in many service desks and other departments, and to make that more effective we think you need to add context. Because what’s more engaging when you have a conversation?– “Hello, who’s calling, please tell me the model number of your laptop, please hold while I check our other systems to see what software you have installed” or “Hi Andy, so you have a problem with your laptop? – you have a Macbook Air don’t you? ….thanks so confirming you are all fixed? By the way how’s your new iPhone 6 working out for you? I see you’ve been doing a fair bit of international travel lately – is that going to continue, do we need to look at raising the cap on your roaming data allowance?” A right time experience is a powerful way to get richer engagement. And, through the provision of relevant and more personal information IT can both offer to business users and make; relevant choices, actions or deliver content.

What’s New?
LANDESK Service Desk 7.8 will help you add context to your working day with:
• A new role-specific Workspace for targeted ITSM working experience
• Enhanced Computer Telephony Integration gives contextual insights for better interactions
• New dynamic in-context knowledge increasing analyst efficiency
• Advanced Integration actions
• And much more…

In addition we’ve released a number of content packs (which others often refer to as apps) alongside this release:
• Support Appoint Content Pack enabling “genius bar” style support and engagement
• IT Asset Management Content Pack initiating simple ITAM processes from one environment
• Time Tracker captures the amount of time spent on a task for project management, billing etc.
You can learn more about this release here

Win, Win, Win!

But before you go off and learn more about 7.8, to celebrate our newest launch, I want to invite you to enter our competition. Context will give you those IT moments of clarity, experience and data to help you gain insights about your business users, and we would like you to send in your own #ITMoments.
We are looking for images or photos that illustrate your IT Moments—good, bad, or just plain funny. Judged on originality and creativity there are two opportunities to win. You can enter as an individual or you can enter as a team. With prizes such as a Go Pro Camera and a 3D Printer up for grabs, why not give it a go.Closing date for the competition is January 31, 2015.
For more details and how to enter go to our Facebook page

Ok…now you can go take a look at 7.8

Stay tuned for more about context in later blogs from me!