Moving users from one machine to another is a hassle for everyone:

  • It’s time-consuming for IT teams.
  • It takes users days–or even weeks–to recreate their personalized workspace.

The worst part? These types of PC replacement needs arise all the time:

  • Corporate PCs are lost, damaged, or stolen on a regular basis–usually at the worst possible time.
  • Perpetual PC hardware refresh projects put an ongoing drain on IT resources.

By unlocking all of the user-specific aspects of enterprise computing from the underlying OS and applications, Ivanti solutions make PC swaps a non-event for both IT and users.

Data loss

Solution: Most users don’t have robust laptop backup processes in place. User files in common file save locations like the Desktop and My Documents folders are automatically captured and synchronized to centralized file servers. Users are delighted to find that files that they thought were lost can actually be restored.

Manual PC provisioning effort

Solution: Ivanti DesktopNow automatically restores personalization, settings, and user files to a user’s new PC, shaving hours of manual IT effort off every PC replacement.

User downtime

Solution: Whether it’s planned or unplanned, moving to a new PC is disruptive to users–and by extension, your business. DesktopNow significantly reduces the window of user downtime during PC moves. Users are back up and running quickly, and they don’t need to spend weeks recreating their world. All of their personalization comes along for the ride.

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Proven Success

“My goal was to give users a good desktop experience, so they could focus on their work – not the technology. And that’s what I’m hearing: ‘This is the best desktop ever.’ I can’t ask for anything more than that.”

-Apo Hagopan, CTO, Littler Mendelson

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“We haven’t had a single occurrence during the recent worm and zero day exoloit scares and I attribute that largely to the AppSense solutions.”

-Brook Bennett, CIO, City of Round Rock

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