Today I send a heartfelt thanks to all Ivanti Executive Partners on Administrative Professionals' Day. Upon becoming CEO, I realized quickly that the employees that we then called “Executive Assistants” held much more importance than their title described. It was important for me to change the role to “Executive Partners” to accurately describe just how large of a contribution they make. Our administration professionals are partners. They partner with us to execute, grow and change our company. Administrative Professionals’ Day gives us an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the phenomenal work done by our special professionals. Each of our Executive Partners fights the good fight each day by locking arms with us to accomplish company goals. Without the dedication of these individuals, our path to success would be a tough one.

To celebrate the commitment of our Ivanti Executive Partners, our leadership team has provided some insight into the things that make our partners so amazing. We can’t thank our Administrative Professional team enough for all they have done to make our lives easier. Happy Administrative Professionals' Day to all those at Ivanti and across the globe for your daily efforts towards success.

“For those of you familiar with the 1970s TV show, M*A*S*H — Stacy is my Radar O'Reilly. If you are not familiar with the show — Stacy is two steps ahead of me in keeping me on track. She is the traffic controller who makes sure I see the things I need to see, when I need to see them. That is a very challenging task — and she does it all with professionalism. I am tremendously grateful for Stacy and her leadership of the other Executive Professionals!” - Jeff Abbott, CEO

“I only started yesterday, but…Stacy Murdock has been truly awesome to work with these last two days and the period prior to joining. I am sure that’s just a leading indicator of how important she will be to me at Ivanti!” - Dennis Kozak, Chief Operating Officer

“I really feel like one day a year to celebrate the people that make all the magic happen, in front of and behind the scenes, just isn’t enough! There are so many great examples of locking arms, fighting the good fight and a better place to work, it would be impossible to narrow it down to one or quantify it into a singular thing. Our Executive Partners are force multipliers in everything; there is no way my team or I would be half as productive without their partnership. Simply put, no Executive Partner Team…no success! Thank you all for everything you do, all day, every day!” - Mike Mills, SVP Chief Experience Officer

“I greatly appreciate how my executive partner Kim Thayne efficiently manages critical meetings; coordinating busy team members that are spread across multiple time zones is truly a challenge. Your positive attitude to provide support and a multitude of work streams is very much appreciated and invaluable.” - Rick Martin, Chief Financial Officer

“Belinda Bennett has been instrumental in helping me rebuild the International structure and bringing back the normality in business as we come out of the pandemic. I greatly appreciate her focus and support in these very interesting times! Angelica Barthel has been critical to maintaining support for the Central team, which has been operating without a leader for the past four months. Her continuous enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious to the team and has helped stabilize the Regional Leadership and bring them support when needed.” - Helen Masters, EVP and General Manager of International Sales

“Joey Hamada is a fantastic executive partner, and she truly is a partner in helping the legal and privacy teams run smoothly. She assists with essential operational issues, is always the first to volunteer for difficult assignments and thinks three steps ahead of the rest of us. We love working with Joey and are lucky to have her on our team!” - Brooke Johnson, Sr. VP and Chief Legal Counsel

“So, this is one of the many reasons our EA’s rock. This story is from Kristine tonight — her husband is a pilot and said hello to this guy at the hotel breakfast buffet and the man happened to work at Ivanti! The passion and energy Kristine brings every day is second to none, never a 'no' and always 'I’ll make it happen.' I couldn’t do every day without her efforts as traffic controller. It seems to run in the family. Sending from a flawlessly executed Monday of logistics heading to SLC for another week of QBRs. Kristine rocks!” - Cyrus Hatfield, EVP and General Manager, US Sales

“Yesenia offers structure where there may otherwise be chaos. Her reliability and responsiveness are unmatched.” - Kristen Kamp, SVP, Human Resources

“Anne is a true partner who understands the purpose and mission. She is always there for me and the team.” - Srinivas Mukkamala, Senior Vice President, Security Products

“Running four business units at Ivanti certainly takes its toll on getting the day-to-day tasks done and done on time. Thanks to her positive get-it-done attitude, as well as the skill set to get it right, Kristine Wang brings a ray of light into each day. Communication is key in identifying the needs of these demanding teams and Kristine is the GREAT COMMUNICATOR. I can’t thank you enough, Kristine, for staying on top of all things Andy Byrne and the teams I support. Have a great day and I look forward to all the collaboration in the future.” - Andy Byrne, SVP and General Manager

“Carlie, thank you for everything you do. You have been the best of the best in supporting me and our entire team in being phenomenally successful!! Look forward to many, many more years of partnership!” - Nayaki Nayyar, President and Chief Product Officer

“If it wasn't for Rosa, my calendar wouldn't give me time to think. I appreciate how she protects my time better than me and generally enables me to operate at my best.” - Daniel Spicer, VP Security and Chief Security Officer

“Jessica Ratter is a true partner in every sense of the word. She takes the initiative to take on important strategic projects. She is always one step ahead of us. Her positive energy is contagious. We are truly blessed to have Jess as our executive partner.” - Melissa Puls, Chief Marketing Officer

“The role of a good Executive Partner is so important in helping execs manage their sanity. I know that Rosa is coming up to speed on a variety of topics at Ivanti, but I always like how calm and collected she is in all the different asks that I throw at her and she always comes through. She has been great at aligning with my work routine and helping to execute. Thank you, Rosa!” - Al Arun, Chief Customer Officer

“Anitha has been a quick learner and it was amazing to see her pick up the NSG EA activities in no time. She comes with lots of positive energy and can-do attitude. Happy to see Anitha build on this and have greater success in coming quarters as she scales to take on Ivanti India Site Initiatives.” - Nagesh Ayyagari, Vice President, Engineering

“Brandi — thanks for all you do for Ivanti! We appreciate you!” - Bob Grazioli, SVP, Saas Operations & CIO