This week Google unveiled a number of exciting announcements at its annual developers’ conference, Google I/O 2021. Announcements included Android 12 and several security and privacy features that are coming to its platforms.

At Ivanti, we are particularly excited about what Google is doing to improve user security and privacy.

The consistent theme of Google I/O was Secure by default, Private by design, and You’re in control.

Security – Secure by Default

Passwords are still the top cause of data breaches. In fact, this week during a keynote presentation, Google claimed that the single most common security vulnerability today is still bad passwords. While getting rid of password would be the ultimate solution, there is a long journey ahead of us.

Until we realize the goal of eliminating passwords, it’s good to see technology leaders working to make the password more secure and more manageable. This week, Google announced four new upgrades for Google Password Manager. It will now recommend strong passwords, secure them for you, detect and alert any compromised passwords in data breaches, and easily change and fix them when you are compromised. In a world of data breaches, consumers have a little more peace of mind knowing that Google is helping to proactively help the user to use secure passwords.

We agree that this will help strengthen user security particularly in a world where some of the most common passwords in 2021 are still: password, 123456, and 123456789.

At Ivanti we are particularly excited about these upgrades as we are committed to enhancing user security and have been on a mission to eliminate passwords for organizations with Zero Sign-On (ZSO).

Privacy – Private by Design

Google made significant improvements to Privacy on its Android operating system. Android Private Compute Core will help to ensure privacy of personal data. As mobile devices continue to become an extension of ourselves, the focus from vendors like Google on user privacy is critical.

At Ivanti, we firmly believe in this principle. Just as larger vendors are making investments in protecting consumer privacy, organizations need to take employee privacy more seriously as well. Being a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) vendor, we are in a unique position to help organizations accomplish that. We enable privacy using various controls that are available natively in Android and managed by Ivanti UEM. In addition to native capabilities, we offer features such as a Visual Privacy Policy which enables users to know exactly what data their organization has access to from their managed devices.

Learn how your organization can realize a passwordless world using Ivanti ZSO, and how they can ensure the privacy of employees with the Ivanti UEM solution.