​Isabelle Le Tissier is a channel manager for Ivanti's UK channel team, managing the distribution partners as well as a couple strategic reseller partners. We recently sat down with her to ask her a few questions about her role in technology. isabelle le tissier w her daughter

Q: Tell us what you like most about your role at Ivanti.

ILT: I love how varied my role is; I get to be involved in the sales, marketing and technical plans, speak to people at all levels of the business and work with them to understand how Ivanti can help them hit targets as an individual to being profitable as a business, all whilst providing their customers great technology!

Q: What attracted you to a technology related role?

ILT: I get asked this quite a lot when I meet new people who ask what line of business I am in. I never actually meant to get into IT, I kind of fell into it after finishing university because there are so many tech companies around this area. However, now that I am in it, I would never leave it. It’s an ever-evolving, growing industry, and the future is all about technology which makes it a really interesting place to be.

Q: You’ve recently been on maternity leave. How do you balance a hectic job with being a mum?

ILT: One of the things that attracted me to Ivanti, before I was even thinking about having children, was how family-orientated they were and their strong work-life balance ethos. So I knew when I came back to work, they would be there to support me with the transition of being on maternity leave to being a full-time working mum. I’m finding now that even with the best of forward planning, it can still be hectic. But it’s all worth it to be in a company doing a job you love and coming home to a beautiful daughter.

Q: Do you have any personal experience with gender related equality issues?

ILT: I think I have been really lucky in my career that I have worked in teams and had managers where gender isn’t even a consideration, it’s all about your skills as a person and being the right person for the job. I have had a couple of experiences where I am heading up meetings or training sessions where I have male colleagues supporting me, but the attendees automatically think I am the supporting person and somewhat dismiss me, which just makes me laugh when I stand up to lead it and they have a look of confusion on their faces!

Q: What do you think is the best thing about being a women in technology?

ILT: I think the best thing about being in technology is being in an industry that is so relevant in all aspects of life. I love seeing women being taken more seriously in a male dominated industry and more women wanting to get into it because the opportunity can be the same for them as any male.

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in technology?

ILT: Go for it! It’s always good to speak to anyone you know that is already in the industry to help you get going or if you don’t know anyone, there are loads of groups you could use and get involved in.

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