The File Director agent for Windows is a powerful sync engine for files stored locally on the desktop. It enables the administrator to configure granular file synchronization to a mix of datacenter and cloud (OneDrive or Google Drive) storage, with the backing of enterprise-grade auditing and reporting.

Ensuring you have the tools to manage, monitor and configure the product in order to deliver the best user experience is a priority at Ivanti, so we are adding an exciting new utility to the product toolkit, announcing...


FDmon provides detailed, graphical analysis of File Director Windows client activity for troubleshooting and improved configuration. If you feed FDmon client log files it will present you with a set of dashboards and reports that give both an overview of File Director activity and performance but can also be used for deep drive troubleshooting.

Here are just a few examples of how FDmon can assist you.

Endpoint Reports

User Configuration and Sync activity coupled with Client performance all in one handy view:filter editor - endpoint analysis - environment screenshot

  • Endpoint Details: Client performance including CPU spec and system uptime
  • Engineering Keys: A resultant set of File Director policies on the client
  • Queues: Monitor the status of all sync jobs captured within the log
  • User Settings: User configuration information

Log Search

In the scenario of a reported sync failure this could prove very useful:file firector monitor - raw log screenshot

  • Search for specific files/paths to troubleshoot failure reports
  • Sort by time stamp to search by timeframe
  • Easily identify and follow a Thread ID to track an activity of interest from start to finish
  • Edit your filters and build your queries with a multitude of conditions:

filter editor - endpoint analysis screenshot

Advanced Reports

For those administrators that are more experienced with File Director, there are a few more advanced reports that could be of great use to you. Some examples:

Noisiest Trace Linesfilter editor - endpoint analysis - noisiest trace lines - screenshot

Longest Callsfilter editor - endpoint analysis - longest calls - screenshot

Frequent Driver Callsfilter editor - endpoint analysis - frequent driver calls - screenshot

As you can see, FDmon is an amazing addition to the File Director product set and will simplify troubleshooting of a range of client problems. Please visit the Ivanti Marketplace to download the FDmon Tool.

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