When you're looking for a new job, what do you do? You update your LinkedIn profile and browse the job sites. You set up no less than 20 daily email alerts for new opportunities in your area. But you also probably do what you know is the most important thing:

You leverage your social networks for referrals.

Because it’s not what you know, but who you know. And there is something to be said for employee referrals. A few things to be said, in fact:

  • Less turnover: An average of 47% of referred applicants stay at a company for up to 3 years, while only 14% of job board applicants stay the same length of time.
  • Better culture fit: 70% of employers say that referred hires fit the company culture better than hires from other sources.
  • Faster hire process: It takes an average of 29 days to hire a referred candidate, as opposed to 55 days to hire a candidate that comes through a career site.

Not only do we prefer to hire candidates who have already been vetted by people we know and trust, but from a business standpoint, employee referral programs are a huge benefit. They boost morale in the office and help retain current employees.

Ivanti’s Referral Program

Ivanti recognizes all the above employee referral benefits, which is why we want the quality people we already know to refer more quality people.

Because let’s be honest, work is long. The days, the months, the years. Some of us don’t have a solid retirement plan or a rich uncle to fall back on. We’re in this for the long haul, so having people around us who we like is not only nice—it’s survival.

That’s why Ivanti will give a healthy referral bonus to any successfully referred candidate.

Ivanti Careers

If you currently work at Ivanti and a bonus sounds like something you might like, take a look at Ivanti’s career site. Browse all the open job opportunities and see if any positions match the skills and qualifications of anyone you know.

Maybe Joe from your former place of work is dying to leave and you think he’d be a good fit in the #IvantiFamily. Or maybe your neighbor needs a part-time gig while his kids are at school. Reach out to your LinkedIn connections who are looking to change careers. The bonus will be worth it, we promise!

Bottom line: We want more of the quality people we have now. If there’s anything our interns taught us this summer (ten of which are now hired on full-time, by the way), it’s that what we have here at Ivanti is unique. And it’s all because of the people.

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