I am thrilled to announce Ivanti’s new Vice President of Sales in the APAC region, Liam Ryan. Liam brings a wealth of experience to Team Ivanti with over 20 years working in various positions in the IT industry. Liam was previously the Vice President of Ecosystem for Infor Global Solutions in Asia Pacific and India. Sydney, Australia is Liam’s Everywhere Workplace where he enjoys playing golf, football and listening to live music.

I am so excited to welcome Liam to the Ivanti team!

What is Liam’s vision as VP of Sales in APAC? Let’s find out.

Tell us about your past roles and experience.

Liam: Most recently, I ran the Ecosystem business at Infor across the Pacific, South East Asia, India, Greater China and Japan Asia Pacific regions, driving a very successful alliance and channel partner strategy and growth business. Prior to Infor I headed up my own business, selling and implementing financial software applications to various sectors.

Over the course of my career, I have worked in executive leadership positions in the IT industry, but also periods of my career have been as a user, in implementation services, as a channel partner, presales (solutions consulting) and sales. This broad and diversified experience gives me deep insight into how together, as “One Ivanti”, we will collaborate to create superior value for the company, our customers and our people.

What is a typical day for a VP of Sales?

Liam: Ideally? Lots of face time with our people - customers, partners and the Ivanti team. With Covid and the ongoing lock downs across most of APAC, this has been challenging these last eighteen months. But the great news is that the borders are now opening, and I very much look forward to meeting each of you over the coming months.

What excites you most about joining Ivanti as the new VP of Sales in APAC?

Liam: I am so excited to join Ivanti. The opportunity to grow our revenues, grow market share with net new customers, and add superior value to our customers is what exhilarates me. I look forward to working with each of you on our vision to deliver on our core values – to lock arms, fight the good fight, be champions for our customers and deliver outcomes.

How should our sales and marketing functions work together?

Liam: The key to winning will be to create our shared path to success for APAC. Sales and marketing are co-dependent areas of the business and need to be perfectly aligned on our strategy and go to market plans. We will be a team, working together with open doors, aligning, sharing knowledge and ideas to succeed and celebrate success together.

What is your idea of a winning environment and how do you create one?

Liam: The absolute aim for the APAC region is to work as “One Ivanti”. Our key is to have strong working relationships, built on mutual benefit, collaboration, and transparency.

Together we will build our strategy, we will build our organization, develop capabilities and plans. Together we will execute and be accountable to drive enterprise value, deliver on our growth projections and ensure success for our customers.

How do you overcome fear, uncertainty and doubt in prospects?

Liam: We need to focus our time on understanding our prospects. We must ask questions and learn what is important to them and what they are looking to achieve. In order to deliver success to our customers our value proposition must be aligned to their priorities and perspectives. We need to clearly articulate a value case that sees Ivanti solving their issues, improving their business landscape and delivering strong outcomes.