Reduce risk, manage policy and performance, and empower end users with DesktopNow.

Users want to personalize their workspace and easily access the files and apps they need to be productive. IT needs to manage policy, user personalization and performance. InfoSec needs to secure endpoints and comply with industry regulations.

To deliver a great user experience that supports business needs, it’s essential to comply with these warring requirements.

End Users – “I need to be productive, with a secure, flexible workspace that meets my needs.”

  • Fast logon, responsive desktop
  • Protection against malware
  • Consistent user experience
  • Responsive applications
  • Flexibility for working styles, including mobile workers

IT Pro – “I need to support business needs and keep users productive while keeping costs in check.”

  • Granular endpoint visibility & compliance
  • Scalable profile management & personalization
  • Contextual policy management
  • KPI analytics
  • Increased server-based computing density

Security Pro – “I need to reduce corporate risk, protect corporate assets, and ensure regulatory requirements.”

  • Application access control
  • Least privilege management
  • User & software license compliance
  • Protection against unknown executables
  • Granular endpoint data & analytics

Ivanti DesktopNow meets everyone’s corporate computing needs. With DesktopNow, you can deliver responsive, secure desktops that users love, save money on servers, manage users more effectively, and reduce endpoint security risk.

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