We’ve known for some time that the demand for new graphics cards is far exceeding the supply.

A combination of the pandemic, natural disasters and unprecedented consumer demand has led to a global chip shortage. The major names in the industry confirm that the supply problem may last in to 2023.

At a time when many companies are having to shift more processing to the cloud to support remote workers – this supply problem could not have come at a worse time.

Resource hungry applications that are hosted in the data centre (both private and cloud) are consuming large amounts of resources and pushing hardware to its capacity – with upgrades now delayed until next year at the earliest.

There is an untapped resource at your fingertips though – and one that is often forgotten!

Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender allows you to utilise the resources of your endpoints to run powerful applications – such as design or graphics software - and bring those into your virtual environment.

The experience is seamless for your users. They will connect to their virtual desktop as usual and find their locally installed applications available to them from the start menu.

A win for your users due to better performance – and a win for IT by reducing the load in the data centre!

Read more about how Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender can help you to solve the problem of data centre performance issues here – and check out the demo video below to see how seamless the experience is for your users!

Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender