Today’s modern IT estates see big increases year-over-year in the use of SaaS-based applications. In addition, with more applications being accessed through the browser, managing browser usage, data, and synchronization has become critical to positive experience for local, mobile, and remote users.

Combining Ivanti Environment Manager and Avanite WebData Control offers IT teams enhanced browser management and accelerates logons up to 60%. This powerful combination delivers a much-improved user experience on all desktops—virtual or physical, wherever the user may be, by letting administrators manage the large data caches created by web browsers efficiently in conjunction with the roaming of user profiles.

Ivanti and Avanite have observed several challenges in the industry with organizations attempting to provide the best user experience and manage multiple browsers along with cutting costs. The increase in new browsers requires management in a modern digital workplace—as does user experience—something we blogged about previously, which you can read here.  

Avanite is now an Ivanti One partner. Avanite’s CTO, Peter Jones, and Ivanti’s VP PreSales EMEA, David Shepherd, sat down to discuss the partnership. We also have an exciting schedule of joint activities during 2020. Watch their discussion.

Learn more about Avanite WebData Control features and more about Ivanti Environment Manager.

Avanite’s WebData Control is an Ivanti One certified solution in the Ivanti Marketplace