2020. A year that will never be forgotten and one that has had everlasting impacts on business operations, how we work, and our daily lives. As I reflect on this past year, I realize that 2020 has been the longest test for us all. 365 days long. It’s been the year of rapid change, one where adopting innovative adaptability is critical. I have been thinking about my New Year’s resolution and discovered that 2021 is the year when we make a collective resolution.  

The New Year will bring the New Ivanti and here’s what we will strive to succeed.  

On December 1st, 2020, we closed the acquisitions of MobileIron and Pulse Secure. As part of our 2021 New Year’s resolution, we are expanding our capabilities in order to deliver intelligent and secure experiences across remote infrastructure, devices, and people in what we call the “everywhere enterprise.” 

The future of work is no longer a future, it is happening now. At Ivanti, we are committed to enabling our current and future customers to proactively and autonomously self-heal, self-secure, and self-service devices because we know that cybersecurity is more important than ever. Security must be and will be our priority in 2021.  

We are ready to empower enterprises across the globe, with their new distributed and hybrid workforces, to accelerate their adoption of zero trust security frameworks with intelligent contextual automation. Next year is a year of making IT connections smarter and more secure across remote infrastructure, devices, and people.  

Most important is our resolution to continue and keep an exceptional user experience front and center. The first step in achieving this was completing the acquisitions on December 1st. In order to deliver a seamless, secure, and personalized user experience across all devices in the everywhere enterprise, we will integrate and unify the technologies and products across Ivanti, MobileIron, and Pulse Secure. We are already far travelled on this road to integration and we cannot wait to share new features with you all in 2021. 

The New Ivanti is bigger and better than ever before. This is more than a New Year’s resolution, it’s our commitment to the everywhere enterprise, to our partners, and our customers.  

Have a safe and happy New Year!