I am excited to share the news that Ivanti has closed the acquisitions of MobileIron, a leading provider of mobile-centric Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions, and Pulse Secure, a leading provider of secure access and mobile security solutions. 

By bringing MobileIron and Pulse Secure into the Ivanti portfolio, we will expand our capabilities to include even more devices, embed greater security protocols across infrastructures, and allow organizations to proactively and autonomously self-heal, self-secure, and self-service devices. This business combination further solidifies Ivanti as a global market leader in UEM, Zero Trust Security, and IT Service Management (ITSM), and positions us to deliver intelligent and secure experiences across remote infrastructure, devices, and people in what we call the “everywhere enterprise.” 

The everywhere enterprise has been called the “new normal” or the “future of work.” The reality is that it is not the future; it is now. The everywhere enterprise is very much the workplace of today, in which IT infrastructures and customers are everywhere, and distributed employees must be able to access apps and data from any device, whenever and wherever they work. These remote mobile work environments demand a new approach to security architectures – making cybersecurity more important today than ever before. 

According to Interpol, in just the first quarter since the coronavirus pandemic began, there was a 273% increase in data breaches  Significantly, the primary targets of these attacks are the private sector and governments, not individuals. The new distributed workforce, myriad devices, and data flowing freely from cloud to apps require a zero trust security approach based on a “never trust, always verify”  framework. By combining Pulse Secure and MobileIron’s zero trust security capabilities with the intelligent contextual automation in Ivanti’s platform, we will make IT connections smarter and more secure across remote infrastructure, devices, and people. In this way, Ivanti is uniquely positioned to provide the most comprehensive level of end-to-end coverage on every device. 

Putting the User Experience Front and Center 

While adding comprehensive security capabilities to our platform through the acquisitions, our priority, as always, is to ensure an exceptional user experience. We will accomplish this by integrating and unifying the best of the three companies’ technologies and products in order to deliver a seamless, secure, and personalized user experience across all devices in the everywhere enterprise. 

At the center of this transformation – moving us from point-level solutions to a truly integrated platform  – will be Ivanti’s unique Neurons intelligent experience platform, which can detect devices, understand user preferences, optimize device performance, minimize configuration drift, and predict and resolve security vulnerabilities. The resulting solutions will deliver a uniform experience across all devices and will empower enterprises to proactively, predictably, and autonomously self-heal and self-secure devices, while simultaneously self-servicing end users. Leveraging Ivanti Neurons as our core platform will also enable us to integrate MobileIron and Pulse Secure technologies with our service desk software solution,  allowing us to satisfy customers’ urgent need to provide IT services for remote workers that are both contextual and personalized and that anticipate their needs

The great news is that we are already well down the road of integration with Ivanti and MobileIron UEM solutions. And we’re looking forward to sharing the new features that will roll out to our customers with the combined solutions.

Powering Business Through Hyper-Automation

Looking ahead, the Ivanti Neurons platform will power business through hyper-automation and secure connections on every device and for any user, wherever and however they work. Through hyper-automation, customers will benefit from real-time intelligence into the health, security, and performance of all devices from cloud to edge, enabling them to proactively detect and remediate vulnerabilities before they impact the business. Customers will also be able to discover and manage devices, implement secure zero trust access with contextual automation, and deliver personalized employee experiences – not only improving productivity, but increasing operational speed, reducing costs, and enhancing quality of service. In short, hyper-automation will ensure a productive and satisfied workforce by enabling our customers to collaborate and innovate more freely, while reducing the risk of data breaches and enhancing employee experiences.

Driving Growth for Investors, Employees, and Customers

I am delighted to welcome the MobileIron and Pulse Secure teams into the Ivanti family and proud that Ivanti is building a bigger and deeper business that will drive immense value for investors, employees, and customers alike. The combination of our UEM, zero trust security, and ITSM solutions fills a need that is critical to the success of the everywhere enterprise, enabling organizations to greatly accelerate and secure their digital workplaces. We have a tremendous opportunity ahead of us, and I’m very excited for the future. To learn more, please check out the press release here