What is the typical workday of a remote knowledge worker in the Everywhere Workplace and how is the Everywhere Workplace protected?

Through Ivanti Neurons, MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management and Threat Defense, you have the power, wherever you work and whatever you are working on, to connect securely anywhere and everywhere even when faced with challenges.

Here are some examples of common challenges and methods used by threat actors:

1. Phishing and pharming remain the top threat vector for business email compromise (BEC), account take over (ATO), and credential and critical data theft.

2. Phishing can also lead to privilege escalation from the mobile app sandbox, evolving into a lateral movement onto the connected corporate network in a ransomware attack.
3. Pharming can lead to drive-by malware to grab high-value credentials, and data via privilege escalation and lateral movement onto the network.

4. On iDevices, users can be tricked into installing suspicious or untrusted configuration profiles that can take over control of their mobile device without their knowledge. 

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery can passively discover devices connected to the corporate network. MobileIron UEM can provision applications, content, email, identity including certificates, as well as secure WIFI and VPN settings to connect to work. UEM can also seamlessly enable MobileIron Threat Defense to immediately start protecting the user and their device from phishing/pharming attacks, application, device, and network threats.

Better yet, why don’t I show you in this video!

Ivanti: A Day In The Life: Remote Knowledge Worker in Everywhere Workplace