Welcome to the countdown to International Women’s Day! We’re just one week away from March 8, the day the world comes together to celebrate women. The theme for this year is #BalanceForBetter, which is all about encouraging a healthy balance of diversity to create a better world.

With the growth of gender equality movements and the rise of feminism, I’ve heard from men who might feel left out or biased against. Personally, I think a holiday that celebrates 50 percent of the population and leaves groups traditionally marginalized feeling empowered is a cause that we should all be behind.

So for all of the wonderful men in the world, I came up with five ways you be involved in the International Women’s Day festivities.

1. Watch a film about a bad ass woman

See? Celebrating women doesn’t have to be about burning your bra and taking down the man. You can literally kick back and be entertained by the legacies of women changing the world. A couple recommendations are the new RBG documentary or Hidden Figures. I think it’s fair to even celebrate powerful fictional women by watching movies like Thelma and Louise, Wonder Woman, and Legally Blonde. Don’t agree that Elle Woods is the feminist hero we all need? Well you’re wrong (Side note: whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed).

2. Appreciate the women in your life

Another easy one. Identify the women you are grateful for. Start in your family, perhaps your mom, sister, partner, or daughter. Maybe she’s your boss, your team member, your friend, or connected with you in another way. No matter the relation, it’s always nice to reach out and let someone know you appreciate them. Plus it’s an excuse to get off a ‘gram of you and the women you appreciate as a social media declaration of gratitude. This is the type of content your followers want, trust me. 

3. Self-reflect about what you can do to help empower women

Now that you’ve identified the women in your life you are grateful for, think about ways you can help inspire, invest, and embolden them. Maybe you’re on their team at work – what are ways you can make sure their opinion is heard? Maybe it’s your daughter – how can you teach her about all of the possibilities that are open to her? Take a minute to figure out how you can be part of the solution.

4. Donate time or money to your local women’s shelter

According to Living Without Abuse, domestic abuse will affect 1 in 4 women in their lifetime and leads to an average of two women being murdered each week. Women’s shelters provide refuge for women who are literally fearing for their lives. Anything you can do to help these shelters is aiding these women living in a truly helpless, terrifying situation.

5. Join the social media campaign

On the International Women’s Day website, they are promoting a global social media campaign that Ivanti is taking part in. Take a selfie with one of their #BalanceForBetter selfie cards, post it on your social media using the hashtag, and tag @TheTechieGirls. We can’t wait to see your resolution to promote more balance!

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