Request a demo for it asset managerRound up your assets, hang up your spreadsheets because it’s time for ITAM Awareness Month! It’s no surprise that the last month of the year—what with all its celebratory cheer—is also focused on IT Asset Management. There are a number of similarities between properly managing your IT assets and ensuring the holiday season goes off without a hitch, after all.

ITAM and ITSM Are Better Together: Free Whitepaper

For instance, checking every tiny lightbulb while hanging holiday lights is akin to checking each of your org’s software licenses are up-to-date.

Or, like Santa Claus checking his list not once but twice, you’re checking that your IT hardware assets are where they need to be and working as they should.

Or even, as family holiday dinners are a hectic mix of good, bad, and everything in between, your IT asset management solution feels much the same—hidden assets, unneeded licenses, and spreadsheets included.

Holiday or IT Asset Management season? Why not both!

Ivanti is offering ’12 Days of ITAM,’ chock full of helpful blogs and resources around managing your IT software and hardware:

  1. Two blogs a day for 12 days from ITAM product experts and thought leaders
  2. 5 Instances Where ITSM and ITAM Are Better Together whitepaper
  3. An informative infographic about ITAM’s importance to your business
  4. Ivanti Asset Manager demo to see the holiday magic of managed assets for yourself

Here’s a sneak peak of our upcoming ITAM blog schedule, where we asked ITAM experts and thought leaders to contribute blogs covering a wide range of ITAM topics. Make sure you mark your calendars for the next 12 days; you won’t want to miss a single post.

  • Schrödinger’s Licenses: License Optimizer's Perfect Paradox / Simon Harrison
  • 5 Reasons Why IT Asset Management is Key To Your Business / Mareike Fondufe
  • Shadow IT is a Pain for Healthcare / Rob DeStefano
  • Key ITAM Skills They Don't Tell You About / David Foxen (@SAMBeastDavid on Twitter)
  • Software Asset Management Tips Explained in 5 Classic Movie Quotes / Rory Canavan
  • If IT Assets Could Talk, What Would They Say? / Erica Azad
  • Software Asset Management: It's More than Audit and Compliance / Lara Hellman
  • The 5 Keys of a Successful ITAM Execution Framework / Edward Zarzour
  • Education, Education, Education: The Value of Technical Knowledge in IT Asset Management / Barry Pilling
  • ITAM: 4 Tips to Break Down your Organization's Data Silos / Mark McGinn

Maybe this holiday season your IT assets are trying to tell you something, and it’s time to listen up! Join us for the most wonderful time of the year and celebrate ITAM Awareness Month with ’12 Days of ITAM.’ Ho-ho-ho and fa-la-la-la-la!