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Practical Demo: Understanding your IT environment with Discovery, Service Mapping, and ITSM

March 19, 2024

Having a visibility of assets that are accessing your organization’s network is one thing. But understanding their potential impact on your IT environment is a different story. Knowledge is power. Especially in the Everywhere Work model, when each of your employees uses on average 2.6 devices to do their job every day.
In this pre-recorded practical demo webinar, Everett and Steven will showcase how pairing service and asset management platforms with a comprehensive discovery and service mapping solutions can help you identify and visualize relationships and dependencies of assets in your IT environment.
Join us and learn how to:

  • Leverage root cause analysis for improved and quicker problem resolution.
  • Manage change impacting risk assessments with accuracy and ease.
  • Improve security and business continuity efforts.
Everett Carnahan
Technical Marketing Engineer
Steve Feldstein
Senior Solution Marketing Manager, UEM Clients