Ivanti Endpoint Security SolutionsPrevent nearly everything. Prepare for the rest.

Mitigate up to 95% of Cyber Threats

You can protect your endpoints in a few steps. Find out why it works.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Implement an agile cybersecurity program.

What to do Before All Hell Breaks Loose?

Defeat ransomware and other malware. Get back to endpoint protection basics with Ivanti.

Multi-layered endpoint security made easy

For your security strategy to be a winner today, you've got to layer on foundational security tools. Ivanti Endpoint Security solutions provide the security controls global experts agree create the highest barriers to real-world attacks.

Patch for MEM

Patch third-party applications from within the console you know well. No added infrastructure or training required.

Security Controls

Automate Windows OS and 3rd-party application patching across physical and virtual systems.

Patch for Linux, UNIX, Mac

Keep up-to-date with software patches across a host of operating systems and third-party apps.

Patch for Endpoint Manager

Patch and manage endpoints across your organization from the same console.

Application Control

Block what you can't patch with dynamic whitelisting and granular privilege management.

Device Control

Secure removable devices and enforce data encryption. A fit for servers, fixed-function assets, thin clients, and virtualized endpoints.

We’re there to support academic freedom and enable users to do their jobs, while also providing that backend layer of security. Having visibility into the entire landscape and the tools at hand to balance security with user needs makes it easier to meet both objectives.
Steven CvetkovicChief Information Security Officer

Bridge Security and IT Operations

It doesn't take a village, just the right tools

Without a focused security strategy, device sprawl is costly—and out of control. IT teams spend too much time managing these devices. There's also a global cybersecurity labor shortage with which to contend. And all of that means IT and Security must work together closely and maximize resources to combat cyber threats. 

So, how do you do it? A strategy leveraging technology that's comprehensive, simplifies management, and focuses on the right tools offers a strong advantage over other approaches.