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Operations-focused mobile applications maximizing task worker productivity with expandability for the evolving supply chain workforce.

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About Velocity

Connects warehouse workers with enterprise systems (mainframe or web-hosted)​

Supports Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices​

Over 16 million active clients​

Validated on mobile devices from 50+ manufacturers

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Telnet or Web Connectivity

Connect to multiple enterprise systems, whether telnet or web-based host systems

Ivanti Velocity
  • Modernize UI from “green screen” telnet to modern tap/swipe interface​
  • Pre-loaded by major device manufacturers​
  • Session persistent data protection​
  • Eliminate multi-key navigation with tap/swipe experience
Ivanti Velocity
  • No middleware to install and maintain​
  • Connects to modern, web-based management systems​
  • Custom workflows enhance worker productivity​
  • Unified experience regardless of device

10% efficency gain!

Learn how JJ Keller optimized their SAP ITS Mobile experience to accelerate worker productivity.

Platform Technologies

Ivanti Speakeasy

The fastest, easiest way to add voice to any mobile application
  • Integration and implementation in 30 days or less​
  • Increases accuracy, safety and productivity across operations
  • Compatible with any backend via Velocity​
  • Support for over 50 languages​
  • Configurable grammar library​
  • Compatibility to mix & match headset and device​
  • Multi-modal (Voice, scanning, RFID, screen)

Saving 12 seconds per-pick!

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Platform Technologies

Industrial Automation (IIoT)

Collecting data from enterprise devices with operational insights to digitally transform automation.
  • Collect the right information at the right time ​
  • Create automation workflows ​
  • Visualize information and analyze for better outcome​
  • Fast and Low Risk Implementation​
  • Connects through Velocity to support any enterprise system, without any system changes required​
  • Enables connection between Velocity and the operations technology stack – including emerging tools

Easily augment with Automation

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Expanding Use Cases

Digital Forms

  • Workers use the device they already have in hand to report incidents or inspection reports​
  • No paper forms, Fast, reliable reporting​
  • Speed exception process handling​
  • Automate task flow once issues are reported​
  • Integrates seamlessly into Velocity ​
  • No changes to WMS/EMS, no need to add more software to the mobile devices​
  • Web based forms​
  • Automation handled by Ivanti Neurons for IIoT ​

Exceptions happen every day​

digital forms
Expanding Use Cases

Operational Insights

  • Actionable data to fix common issues immediately​
  • Start collecting reliable data in real-time​
  • Fast, reliable reporting​
  • Identify areas of improvement quickly​
  • Integrates seamlessly into Velocity ​
  • No changes to WMS, ERP, or CRM systems; no need to add more software to the mobile devices​
  • Use the devices you already have ​

Uncover your next 5% productivity gain

operational insights
Expanding Use Cases

Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • Integrate robotics into the broader IoT fabric​
  • Significant reduction in material movement travel time​
  • Fast and Low Risk Implementation​
  • Integrate via Velocity into any WMS​
  • Dispatch via Velocity app, even via Speakeasy voice-direction​
  • AMRs report task status and health into Neurons for IIoT​

AMRs can reduce manual material handling by as much as 50%!

Expanding Use Cases

Pick-to-Light Fulfillment

  • Efficiently guide workers to pick locations​
  • Optimize worker navigation throughout warehouse​
  • Improve Perfect Order Rate​
  • Accelerate order fulfillment​
  • Light indicators serve as beacons, reducing dependency on device-directed interactions

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Expanding Use Cases

Environmental Sensors

  • Track status of temperature-regulated goods​
  • Validate responsible transfer of custody​
  • Ensure product quality is maintained​
  • Locate and track product/pallet/trailer

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