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Security Roundtable - Q1 (Landing Page)

The growing pains of shifting to remote work

A customer going from 4,000 users to 40,000 in a couple of days is one of many stories showing organisations’ struggles in transitioning to remote work. In this section of our security roundtable, Jonas Gyllenhammar, Ivanti’s Field CTO, discusses the effects this shift, caused by the pandemic, had on visibility, security and employee experience.

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Security Roundtable - Q2 (Landing Page)

What should your CTO/CISO be prioritizing?

People are returning to the office, but do organisations have the infrastructure to support this migration? Matthew Nunney, a Regional Sales Director at Ivanti, discusses what your CTO/CISO should prioritise as we near a post-pandemic world – including:

  • Lifting restrictions to create a more geographically spread profile.
  • Keeping land infrastructure on pace with external infrastructure.

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Security Roundtable - Q3 (Landing Page)

Is your cybersecurity infrastructure holding up to pre-pandemic levels?

Questions like “How can we prevent ransomware attacks?” have made their way to the boardroom. The awareness of cybersecurity issues has increased since the pandemic, but are infrastructures holding up? Our panel discusses the golden opportunity of taking advantage of increased awareness of cybersecurity issues and remediating them.

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Security Roundtable - Q4 (Landing Page)

Making a case for increased budgets

Description: Making the business case for increased IT resources has historically been an uphill battle. In this section of our roundtable, our panel discusses strategies on how to get buy-in from your organisation by:

  • Highlighting the risk and risk mitigation.
  • Presenting “what if?” scenarios.
  • Taking advantage of CISO representation.
  • Using available data.

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Security Roundtable - Q5 (Landing Page)

How to transition smoothly to ZTA

Transitioning from VPN to ZTA requires a serious undertaking and our customers are asking crucial questions: “Do I build the ZTA myself?” “Do I outsource?” “Do I take it as a managed service?” A simple “lift and shift” strategy won’t work. In the last section of our security roundtable, our panel discusses strategies to smoothly transition from VPN to ZTA – without disrupting end users.

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