Expert insights on Cybersecurity

Part 1

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The emergence of remote and hybrid work settings has created a boundary-less work environment and various new opportunities for workers.

But this new frontier of working also brings unprecedented security challenges. With recent shortages in the field, IT and security teams feel overwhelmed to meet growing demands. Organisations need to reassess priorities to ensure secure working environments.

What you’ll learn:

During this virtual roundtable discussion, our guest speakers – Gina Doekhie, Cybercrime specialist and digital detective, Jonas Gyllenhammar, Ivanti’s Field CTO and Matthew Nunney, Ivanti’s Director UKI & MEA Regional Sales – share industry insights to keep your organization ahead of an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, including:

  • Shifting to remote work.
  • What items your CTO/CISO should prioritise.
  • Current cybersecurity infrastructure.
  • Getting organizational buy-in.
  • Moving from VPN to ZTA.