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Sci-fi or Reality: Transform IT Service Management with Generative AI

20 de junio de 2024

It’s no secret that AI and automation can help IT teams reduce workloads and accelerate service delivery. In fact, Ivanti research shows that 92% of them already see automation as necessary to do their jobs.  

But when it comes to using generative AI in ITSM, IT professionals aren’t yet convinced: 56% believe that it will benefit employers more than employees. Why? Because there’s a lack of clarity about how gen AI will benefit IT teams or the organization today and tomorrow. 

To help you make that plan, register for this expert webinar, during which our speakers will unpack different use cases that are already available for gen AI in IT service management, as well as others likely to emerge in the future. 

You’ll learn: 

  • What does IT talent really think of generative AI use in the workplace? 
  • How can gen AI decrease a service desk’s mean time to resolution? 
  • How can applying gen AI as a co-pilot to self-service enable IT to shift left? 
  • As gen AI evolves, what use cases within IT service management are likely to emerge? 
  • What can we do to minimize AI anxiety among your ITSM talent? 

If you can’t join us on the day, register anyway – we’ll send you the recording afterwards. 

Andrew Brickell
VP International Sales, EXM
Ruman Parveez
Product Manager
Riccardo Luccioli
Senior Sales Executive, EXM, Italy


Marry Levin
Senior Enterprise Account Director, Israel