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Unlocking ITSM Potential: Harnessing AI and Automation for Augmentation

31 January 2024

Most IT service management (ITSM) teams want their service desk analysts to resolve more incidents on their own and deliver more “shift-left” outcomes. Portals, service catalogs, self-service, knowledge articles and chatbots help, but many incidents are still being handled by the service desk or escalated to specialists, taking time and resources away from strategic initiatives. 

During this practical demo, we will discuss how AI and automation drives “big shift-left” outcomes. We’ll show how capabilities such as autonomous bots, comprehensive discovery, specialist-level packaged actions, real-time insights and digital experience scores can effectively augment service desk teams and how they can help your team deliver proactive incident resolutions, autonomous security remediations and cost savings, while limiting escalations and improving employee experiences. 


  • How to resolve incidents and security vulnerabilities proactively before employees report them. 
  • How to reduce escalations by safely enabling tier 1 teams with powerful diagnostic and remediation tools. 
  • How to measure and optimize your digital employee experience. 
Dennis Ranty
Senior Sales Engineer
Richard McNeill
Senior Sales Engineer