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Use Case

Manage and Secure Your Endpoints

Gain full visibility into the endpoints in your IT environment — plus their highest-risk vulnerabilities — and defend them against the many cyberthreats in today’s Everywhere Work world.

Close gaps in endpoint management and security coverage

Unknown and unmanaged devices. Vulnerable software. Unsuspecting end users. Organisations are plagued by endpoint security risks and fighting them using isolated point products is difficult due to disparate data and disjointed processes. Minimise those risks with an integrated unified endpoint management (UEM) and security solution from Ivanti.

Complete enterprise discovery and device reconciliation

Security starts with visibility. Unknown devices are an easy target for cyberadversaries.

Reconcile the gap between the endpoints you know about and those you don’t to shield your organisation from attack. Ivanti Neurons for UEM delivers full visibility as it continuously discovers and inventories all iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, ChromeOS and IoT endpoints that leverage enterprise resources.

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Full-lifecycle endpoint management

Unmanaged devices can be every bit as risky as unknown ones. They leave critical decisions around configuration and updates up to users who don’t often have compliance top of mind.

Manage your organisation’s endpoints and installed apps across the entire device lifecycle — from onboarding to end of life — with Ivanti Neurons for UEM. This UEM offering also allows over-the-air provisioning of mobile, desktop and IoT devices with all necessary apps, settings and security configurations.

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Secure endpoint management

Simply being aware of and managing all your endpoints isn’t enough to protect your organisation against cyberthreats. Remediation of security issues is also critical.

Provide data loss prevention for managed endpoints with Ivanti Neurons for UEM device compliance and secure access. Further protect mobile endpoints with Ivanti Neurons for MTD — which is built into Ivanti’s UEM client — to ward off device, network, app and phishing attacks as they occur.

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Risk-based prioritisation and remediation

Visibility of the endpoints on your network is a good first step toward minimising your attack surface. Understanding risk exposure and prioritising vulnerability remediation based on exploitability is your necessary next step.

Empower security and IT teams to more effectively measure and control true cybersecurity risk with Ivanti Neurons for RBVM and Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management. These integrated offerings enable a collaborative approach to prioritising and patching your riskiest endpoint vulnerabilities quickly and easily.

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Features and capabilities

Minimise your endpoint attack surface with an integrated UEM and security solution

Discover and inventory all hardware and software — including shadow IT.

Manage endpoints from onboarding to retirement.

Provision managed devices to strengthen security posture.

Deploy, manage and secure applications.

Enable greater levels of device compliance.

Provide secure access to data and apps on any device.

Stop phishing attacks across every mobile threat vector.

Prioritize the riskiest endpoint vulnerabilities in seconds.

Remediate vulnerabilities based on active risk exposure.

Included products

Dive deeper on the products that make up this cloud-based endpoint management and security solution.

Ivanti Neurons for
Unified Endpoint Management

Identify unknown and unmanaged endpoints, then provision them to reduce risk.

Ivanti Neurons for
Mobile Threat Defense

Defend and remediate against phishing and other attacks on mobile endpoints.

Ivanti Neurons for
Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Prioritize the highest-risk vulnerabilities on your users’ endpoints for remediation.

Ivanti Neurons for
Patch Management

Take prioritized action against endpoint vulnerabilities to lower the risk of a cyberattack.

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Discover how you can better manage and secure your endpoints

Take the first step in your evolution from struggling to manage and secure your endpoints with isolated point tools to doing so easily and effectively with integrated UEM and security capabilities from a single vendor.