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Use Case

Add Voice to My Applications

Start improving accuracy in 30 days or less

Adding voice to existing supply chain mobile applications provides a lot of benefits. But voice apps have a history of being difficult to deploy. Not Ivanti Speakeasy. We’re talking about reducing warehouse mis-picks by as much as 86% and ROI realised in less time than traditional voice apps take to deploy.

Connectivity independent

Speakeasy uses device-based voice processing, so you don't need a server connection to handle voice encoding/decoding. Many customers say bandwidth and servers were the reasons they hadn't gone to voice previously. Those concerns are gone.

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No middleware or interfaces to buy

Speakeasy leverages your Velocity platform interface to the host system, eliminating the need for expensive add-on software. Your enterprise systems don’t know (or even care) that select data fields have been captured via voice.

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Add voice to existing or new deployments

It’s easy to voice enable your existing Velocity apps as part of your workflow optimization projects. It’s just as easy when you’re outfitting a new facility. Never a bad time to transform your workers’ experience and improve accuracy.

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Multi-modal data collection

Voice-enablement supplements data collection via barcode scanning and RFID, as well as keyboard data entry. Bottom line: Add voice where voice makes sense in your workflows, and workers will accomplish more tasks each shift, with increased accuracy.

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Features and capabilities

Voice applications make your warehouse more productive

Fast implementation

Many of our largest customers have reported that their biggest worry was the speed of voice implementation. With Ivanti Speakeasy, implementation took 30 days on average—sometimes less.

Huge productivity gains

Improved accuracy yields increased productivity. No more stopping to read a screen, scan, then read again. Just pick confirm and go to the next pick.

Voice-directed work
Your existing apps can tell workers the next instruction in their workflow, and workers can enter data back. Voice is a shortcut for your screens and keystrokes.
No audits needed

Some warehouses conduct a nearly 100% audit every time. You can avoid virtually all audits with scanning and voice. Save massive amounts of time. Customers have even lean six-sigma certified their Speakeasy processes!

Fast ROI
With our low costs, simple implementation, and quick training, you'll make your money back in no time. Some of our customers witness a positive ROI in less than 90 days.
Add voice to your tech stack
Adding voice to your existing telnet and web apps is easy. Even better, there's no need to touch your host application (WMS, ERP, etc.).
Use Voice selectively
Voice is part of a multi-modal data-capture solution. Add voice alongside barcode scanning, key entry, and more for an optimized data-collection process.
Reduce training
There's no training time, really. If your employees can talk, they can use Speakeasy. That's about it.

Increase your perfect order rate this month

In as little as 30 days, Speakeasy voice-enabled apps start increasing order accuracy and accelerate your journey to operational excellence.

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Let’s speak the language of productivity

See how easy it is to add voice on the Velocity platform.