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Ivanti Neurons for ASOC

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management for Apps

Take a risk-based approach to vulnerability management for your application stack. Ivanti Neurons for Application Security Orchestration and Correlation (ASOC) helps you measure and control your true cybersecurity risk so you can better protect against ransomware and other cyber threats.

Improve application security

Make fast, informed decisions on where to direct development to fix vulnerabilities and weaknesses to improve the security of internal and customer-facing applications.

ASOC Dashboard

Achieve full-stack visibility

Gain full-stack visibility of application risk exposure from development to production. Ivanti Neurons for ASOC unifies all application scan data to locate vulnerabilities and weaknesses and prioritise remediation.

It works by normalising all application vulnerability and scan findings and then continuously correlating them to active threats trending in the wild, so users know immediately which are the greatest risk to their organisation and can drill down to the exact code locations where they reside within the application stack.

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Prioritise based on risk

Go from detection to remediation in moments – not months – with a dynamic, prioritised view of your applications’ vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Ivanti Neurons for ASOC continuously contextualises your organisation’s applications with internal and external vulnerability data, threat intelligence, penetration test findings and your unique asset criticality. This automated system measures risk and prioritises remediation tasks.

asoc prioritization

Automate processes

Decrease your cybersecurity risk in less time and effort through Ivanti Neurons for ASOC’s unique operational features, including powerful automations:

  • Constant correlation and analysis of internal and external security data helps inform attack plans.
  • Automation of common or repetitive tasks via playbooks avoids manual mistakes and decreases administrative waste.
  • SLA automations set vulnerability closure due dates automatically.
  • Get notified of issues even when working outside of the product through automatic alerts.
  • Instantly uncover your most critical vulnerabilities and weaknesses through customised system views.
asoc playbooks

Cut through departmental silos

Decrease friction across your organisation by giving all security stakeholders access to relevant information. With Ivanti Neurons for ASOC, role-based access control (RBAC) allows organisations to provide personalised product access to all applicable personnel.

Inside the product, users from analysts to executives benefit from ready-made dashboards plus the ability to create custom dashboards that meet their exact needs. Further, bidirectional integrations with ticketing systems like Ivanti Neurons for ITSM promote communication in the remediation process.

asoc dashboard

Don't be deceived by CVSS

Understand which vulnerabilities and weaknesses are truly critical — and which pose no risk — with Ivanti’s Vulnerability Risk Rating (VRR). In contrast to CVSS, VRR scores account for threats — not just severity — and change based on real-world threat context to provide comprehensive assessments of every vulnerability and weakness in your environment.

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Key features and capabilities

Diverse data sources

Capture a broad view of your cyber risk with data collected from application scanners (SAST, DAST, OSS, container), vulnerability findings from 100+ sources, and more.

Threat engine

Unlock unique insights on vulnerabilities, such as which are tied to ransomware, through threat intelligence sourced from Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base.

Vulnerability Risk Rating (VRR)

Realize the true risk a vulnerability or weakness poses via numerical risk scores that account for intrinsic attributes and real-world threat context.

Ivanti RS³

Gain a quantified view of your organization’s risk profile via Ivanti’s exclusive scoring methodology.


Leverage unique automation capabilities so your employees can focus on security fixes instead of repetitive, manual actions.

Alerts and notifications

Achieve immediate awareness of subscribed events through automated alerts and use deep links to share important information with other users.

Customizable data organization

Reveal actionable insights in fully customized dashboards created with user widgets and list views that offer a group-by capability for pivoting data.


Immediately see what’s important to your cybersecurity stance through both standard and customizable dashboards.

Threat-Based Views

Uncover specific threats in your environment through our standard threat-based views, or customize your own views to fit your unique needs.

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Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Move from detection of vulnerabilities and weaknesses to remediation in minutes – not months.

Vulnerability Knowledge Base

Speed up mean time to mitigate with access to authoritative and immediate vulnerability threat intelligence.

Patch Management

Efficiently prioritize and remediate the vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to your organization.


Ensure all stakeholders maintain visibility throughout the remediation process.

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