Results capture the challenges faced by IT professionals when it comes to siloes, data and implementation.

When dealing with siloes in IT and departments, three key priorities suffer the most. According to a new survey from Ivanti, these three priorities include automation (46%), user productivity and troubleshooting (42%), and customer experience (41%).

After surveying more than 400 IT professionals, we found that IT teams need more insight into what is going on in their departments, as well as better resources to act on the data they have.

This blog details the survey’s key findings.

It’s all about priority

The survey found that application deployment takes IT organizations the most time to perform, followed by backup and data protection.

While the priorities of automation, user productivity and troubleshooting, and improving customer experience suffer the most due to siloes in IT, there is one priority that is doing alright. The survey found that onboarding/offboarding suffers the least (20%) due to siloes. So IT and HR departments, there’s always room to improve, but thanks for leading the pack and working together!

When looking for real-time insight, security is still king. About 70% of IT professionals said they wanted to know most about security status over other priorities. Respondents were least interested in real-time insights around warranty data.

What to do with data?

Everything is about data these days, but the problem arises with what to do with that data.

  • An alarming 15% of IT professionals said they have too many data sources to count!
    • While 37% of professionals said they have about 11-25 different sources for data.

While IT professionals clearly have a lot of data to reference, the problem is the extra work that is put into the data before it’s actually actionable.

  • About 1/4 of IT professionals said they have to work with their data for DAYS before it’s actionable. (Might as well go on that in-law vacation while you’re at it; it’ll probably be just as painful. ;))
  • Only 10% of respondents said the data they received is actionable within minutes.

Finally, professionals have received their data but then again, the question arises: “Do IT professionals have the resources to act on their data?”

  • About 1/3 of respondents said they had the resources to act on their data, but 52% said they only sometimes have the resources.

Overall, this study shows that IT professionals are still in need of a more unified approach when working with their departments. Security is still a major priority with IT organizations and professionals are in need of better ways to work with their data.