Attending a huge trade show like Infosecurity takes planning and effort, almost regimental to a certain degree. So here at Ivanti we have decided to make your visit a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Follow our hints and tips to gain the most out of your visit to Infosecurity Europe.

  1. Plan your travel – Infosecurity Europe is being held at Olympia, London, so make sure you plan your travel accordingly.
  2. Eat a big breakfast – It’s always a good idea, whether you are attending a trade show or not, but more so if you are. You need to keep that stamina high; it’s going to be a long couple of days!
  3. Choose your footwear wisely – This one really doesn’t need any explanation.
  4. Set a goal and strategy – Before you attend any event, know why you’re doing it. You probably had to answer this question before you decided to register, yes? What problems are you hoping to solve for your business? Take advantage of the floor plan, figure out who you would like to visit beforehand. Infosecurity Europe is a huge show.
  5. Stay hydrated – Attending large trade shows is a thirsty game! Lots of talking and lots of fantastic conversations, so drink lots of fluids.
  6. Balance your time – If there is a particular speaker that you really want to hear, make sure that you schedule them in. Next would be the vendors. Take note of their stand numbers and don’t forget, if you don’t manage visit them all in one day there is always another two days!
  7. Set up meetings – Most vendors will be able to schedule you in for a 1-1 demo, so look out for these, and see ours below.
  8. Giveaways – Surely this is the best bit of the trade show. All those free giveaways, oh and let’s not forget the competitions you can enter. You just never know! Come and visit us for some complimentary strawberries and cream.
  9. Take notes – With so much going on, taking notes seems so obvious, but it is sometimes near impossible. If you find yourself in that position, make sure you pick up some collateral, since this is a great way to jog your memory when you recap everything you have seen.
  10. Enjoy yourself! – Personally, I think this is the most important one to remember. You are going to have a very long few days of days, so make the most of it and just enjoy it.

Hopefully reading these tips and hints will make your visit a good one! Ivanti will be on stand number C80. Prebook your demo here.

Oh, final point: Don’t forget that we are also giving you a FREE 60-day Ivanti Security Controls license on the back of the recent announced Microsoft vulnerability in legacy operating systems that has high after a demo at the booth.

See you soon!

The Ivanti Team